7 Reasons You Can’t Miss 303 Cover Challenge LIVE

In a city as manic and beautiful as Denver — forever on the hunt for the latest cutting-edge activity and often ahead of the curve socially and politically — it’s hard to keep the public entertained. What shiny and bright thing could you dangle in front of us that will pull us away from the trails, away from the plethora of live music and away from all the beer? 

Enter 303 Cover Challenge LIVE. What is it? Excellent local musicians performing their own take on popular songs. And there’s beer. Because if you can’t teach that old dog Denver new tricks, you might as well combine the best ones for the ultimate show. Here are seven reasons not to miss that show.

You’ll Get A Big Dose Of Los Mocochetes
NPR's Tiny Desk

Photo by Kori Hazel.

The incredibly versatile funk-and-beyond group Los Mocochetes is holding it down as house band at the Marquis while guest artists flow in and out. If you haven’t seen these guys perform, their sound is reason enough to come check out the Cover Challenge.

This Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

A 303 Cover Challenge LIVE ticket is only $10 if you buy before September 14. It’s $15 if you wait until the day-of. Either way, that’s a pretty reasonable price to see multiple acts in the city.

Variety of Music

303 Cover Challenge will host a variety of artists and talent, and no two performances will be alike. There will be performances by rappers, songs in Spanish, and a variety of musical genres. The performers announced so far include kid astronaut, Zach Maxwell, Kaitlyn Williams, Cisco the Nomad, Nina de Freitas, Neoma and Bailey Elora. Get to know the musicians here.

You’ll Be Able To Sing-Along to Hits You Love

Lizzo. Photo by Brandon Johnson.

Arguably the biggest pro of listening to a cover set — behind the experience of maybe hearing a great new version of a tune — is that you don’t have to pretend to know every single song in order to look cool in front of your friends. The songs Cover Challenge artists have selected to perform are a specially-curated list of songs that aren’t just catchy, but hits for a reason. They’ll have the whole room singing along. We can’t give too much away ahead of time, but be on the lookout for some Lizzo, Prince and Mac Miller at this year’s Cover Challenge

Variety of Music (Without The Effort)

Do you love music festivals but hate walking? 303 Cover Challenge LIVE is held conveniently in the same space — the Marquis Theatre — so the longest distance you’ll have to go by foot to experience the variety of music you’d get at a festival will be your march to the bar. Maybe you have a friend that always calls an Uber to go three blocks to the next venue? This is an event for that friend, too.

You’ll Support Denver Music

This one’s kind of a give-in, but if you’re a music fan, it’s important to sponsor the local scene so talented musicians from home can have their chance at success. The Cover Challenge LIVE is an effort that steers the local scene into the mainstream, giving local talent a moment in the limelight.

Denver Hasn’t Done This Before

303 Magazine runs a successful Cover Challenge series of local musicians performing hits through a video series.  Now, the magazine is opening this success and artistic experience to the public. That’s a new concept — something shiny — and you won’t want to miss it. Check out previous covers by Kayla Marque and Motion Trap to get a taste.

303 Cover Challenge LIVE takes place this Saturday, September 14 starting at 7 p.m. $10 Tickets are available here. Brought to you by 303 Magazine, Live Nation Colorado and Ratio Beerworks.