A Colorado Company is Now Renting Out Jeeps Fully Stocked with Camping Gear

Camping in Colorado is a great way to plan a vacation on a budget. But investing in all of the gear to create an awesome trip can get expensive. A solid tent, warm sleeping bags, cookware, and other essentials can add up quickly and those who move from outside the state in hopes of epic mountain adventures may not have the necessities or even a vehicle to hold all of the gear and access certain campsites. Approximately 70% of the roads in Colorado are unpaved and in order to access the more remote campsites and trails you may need a vehicle that has high clearance and four wheel drive – which many people don’t have.

Overland Discovery

Photo Courtesy of Overland Discovery

Camila Ramirez and Eric Collier recognized this issue and created Overland Discovery for those who have the desire to camp but lack the gear and vehicle necessary. Ramirez and Collier came up with the idea to fully equip four-wheel-drive Jeeps and campervans with all of the essential camping gear – including rooftop tents – for locals and visitors to rent for their outdoor adventures. The couple started the project several years ago and began to operate the business on the side of their full-time sales jobs until Ramirez started working at Overland Discovery full-time in June of this year. “Our goal is really to make adventure accessible for everyone,” stated Ramirez.

overland discovery

Photo Courtesy of Overland Discovery

Overland Discovery currently owns six Jeeps and two campervans that are located here in Denver but are in the process of equipping more to offer the experience to those traveling to the Las Vegas area, a prime outdoor destination with 16 national parks within driving distance. The lineup currently includes two and four-door Wranglers and Rubicons, two RAM ProMaster campervans and a new 2020 Jeep Gladiator – a Rubicon truck with exemplary power, towing capability and a king-size rooftop tent for maximum comfort. Each vehicle is automatic with 4×4 capability and comes with a rooftop tent with a memory foam mattress, blankets, pillows, camping chairs, propane stove, YETI cooler, cookware, and two gallons of water. All you need to bring along is your food, an extra cooler for drinks and a sense of adventure. “Seeing people experience adventure and the look in their eyes when they get back is just as satisfying as experiencing it for myself,” said Ramirez.

Overland Discovery

Photo by Caroline Kennedy

Even if you have camping gear, Overland Discovery offers a great way to explore Colorado’s unpaved and 4×4 roads and camp in luxury. The rooftop tent is a game-changer for those accustomed to sleeping on the ground – even three inches of memory foam makes a big difference and it’s much warmer up there. “I find myself sleeping a lot longer in the rooftop tent than when I camp on the ground, it’s just so much more comfortable and quite a bit darker,” Ramirez explained. The 4×4 capabilities also make driving on unpaved, rocky roads easy and smooth and the setup and breakdown of camp is a breeze. If you are planning a trip where you camp at a different site each night, this is definitely the easiest way to do it.

Since Ramirez and Collier are also in the midst of making the transition to Las Vegas so you can even pick up the Jeep in Denver and drop it off in Vegas if that fits in with your travel plans. Soon the couple hopes to have a storefront so customers can shop for the items they used during their trip and an official parking lot to make pick-up and drop-off even easier. “Wherever your adventure takes you, as long as you make the journey unforgettable we will have accomplished something,” Ramirez said.

Find out more about Overland Discovery, check out their website. Prices range from $145-245/a night with a three-night minimum.