Your Guide to Denver’s Hidden Gem Bookstores

Denver is home to a colorful array of proudly-owned and operated local bookstores. Between existing as literary havens for booklovers and curating programs to build community, Denver’s independent bookstore owners are passionately fighting to preserve these historically rich establishments. We’ve rounded up a list of six of Denver’s best local bookstores to help you find the right book you’re looking for and hunker down in a cozy space as the summer slowly draws near its end.


BookBar Facebook

Photo courtesy of BookBar Facebook

Location: 4280 Tennyson St., Denver
The Lowdown: The only thing that beats a good book might just be a good book paired with an even better glass of wine. Owner Nicole Sullivan had the same realization, leading to the creation of the adorable BookBar. Striving to create a cozy community space to lounge, read and drink, this combination wine bar and indie bookstore also hosts special happy hours and storytime nights. Whether you’re looking to hunker down, typing away on your laptop or a social gathering place, BookBar’s got everything you’re looking for. Find out more information here.

West Side Books

West Side Books Facebook

Photo courtesy of West Side Books Facebook

Location: 3434 W 32nd Ave., Denver
The Lowdown: This kitschy store located in the Highlands boasts a collection of used and rare books alongside their regular editions. Featuring live music and speakers, this small shop is a cozy space to hunker down and read in a secluded corner or get some work done. With owner Lois Harvey’s four decades of experience in bookselling, it’s pretty safe to assume that West Side Books knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect bookstore environment for all your needs. More information can be found here.

Printed Page Bookshop

Printed Page Bookshop

Photo courtesy of Printed Page Bookshop Facebook

Location: 1416 S Broadway, Denver
The Lowdown: This hidden gem of a used bookstore is tucked away in a classic Victorian house on Antique Row. Maybe you’ll find inspiration among Printed Page’s extensive collection of antique and rare finds. Priding themselves on cultivating a clean and, most importantly, well-lit environment, Printed Page Bookshop is a literary haven for those of you in need of a change of scenery. Find out more about them here.

Gallagher Books

Gallagher Books Facebook

Photo courtesy of Gallagher Books Facebook

Location: 1454 S Broadway, Denver
The Lowdown: Also located on Antique Row, Gallagher Books is easily identifiable by its striking black facade. Like Printed Page, Gallagher Books is a great stop for rare finds, including beautiful, leatherbound first editions. They’re also known for having a collection of literary objects and posters for those looking for unique trinkets as well as beautiful cast-iron bookshelves that perfectly complement the unique setting. Be sure to check out Gallagher Books and Printed Page while you browse Antique Row. See more information here.

Capitol Hill Books

Capitol Hill Books

Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Books Facebook

Location: 300 E Colfax Ave., Denver
The Lowdown: Capitol Hill Books has been a Denver favorite since its opening in 1981. With genres ranging from science fiction and psychology to mysteries and world history, there’s certainly something here for everyone. In the off chance that you’re in desperate need of research help, Capitol Hill Books is also home to Denver’s largest database of used and rare books. With floor to ceiling bookshelves, visitors happily lose themselves inside of Capitol Hill’s collections. Learn more about them here.

Mutiny Information Café

Photo by Giacomo Difranco

Location: 2 S. Broadway
The Lowdown: A bookstore, coffee bar, record store and comic book shop all wrapped in one, there’s a reason Mutiny Information Café is a Denver favorite in all its idiosyncratic glory. Having been around since 1904 in changing incarnations as a grocery store, a soda fountain, a pharmacy, a dance studio and more, Mutiny has existed in its bookstore element for 35 years. They host a plethora of live events ranging from live bands, comedy shows, author events and even magic shows. Whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got it. Find out more information here.


Kilgore Books and Comics


Photo courtesy of Kilgore Books and Comics Facebook

Location: 624 E. 13th Ave.
The Lowdown: Located next to Wax Trax Records on Capitol Hill, this hole-in-the-wall bookstore also sells comics and original artwork. Kilgore Books and Comics also champions budding comic writers by receiving submissions that their team then publishes and sells in their shop. You can find out how to submit here. Apart from their collection of comics, Kilgore boasts an extensive range of books of all genres. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and check it out. You can learn more about them here.