Have you ever wanted to destroy something for the sake of destruction itself? Smash that dish? Throw that vase? Well, you will finally get your chance with the added bonus of minimal (if any) repercussions with forthcoming pop-up bar Smash Room Golf. At Smash Room Golf, the name of the game is seeking and destroying across a mini-golf course, with attached bar (if for nothing more than to amp up the violence).

Heading to Denver for one-night-only, now on March 27, 2020 before making its way to nine other cities, the pop-up will allow its 500-attendees to compete, drink and smash things like TVs and vases along the way. Culminating into the Smash Room Golf Cup, a competition that will widdle down the competition through tasks like hitting a hole-in-one through a burning target, where the winners from each city will have a chance to compete in Las Vegas in March 2020. Competitors and attendees can sign up here for one of the 500 allotted spaces.

Location and time have not yet been announced, but when they are available, this article will be updated accordingly.

Editor’s note: The organizers changed the event from October 11 to March 2020.