As time progresses, androgynous style has become prominent within the fashion community. Trademark designers like Balenciaga, Gucci and Fendi are curating accessories that are more interchangeable for every gender identity. This includes but is not limited to eccentric earrings and hats, statement sunglasses, patterned scarves and elegant handbags. Subsequently, it has become very popular among retail stores as well including Zara, H&M and Forever 21. 303 Magazine acknowledges how this trend has become accessible for everyday wear in Denver and is encouraging you to personalize your style with bold gender-fluid accessories. 

Mix and Match Patterns and Colors

The Lowdown: Contrasting colors and patterns are a refreshing way to embellish an ordinary outfit. Classic pieces like a plain white t-shirt or an unadorned button-down with jeans can serve as the base for eye-catching accessories. Don’t be afraid to play with vibrant colors like these red cat-eye sunglasses with a nautical hat and a turquoise blouse. Above all, summer is about bringing out striking hues after the long months of neutral colors during winter. A metallic maxi clutch is optimal for day-to-night wear while still being functional. A textured shawl and reflective sunglasses complement the clutch in a simple way.

On Barret: Tweed Nautical Hat, $26, Cat-eye Sunglasses, $26, Seashell Necklaces, $26. Available at Zara. Delicate Silver and Gold rings, Price upon request. Available at Hailee Grace. On Elliot: Silver Bracelet, price upon request. Quay Sunglasses, $55. Available at Hailee Grace. Printed Textured Scarf, $30, Metallic Maxi Clutch, $30. Available at Zara.

Be Versatile 

On Barrett: Contrasting Patch cap, $20, Ring detail belt bag, $30. Available at Zara. Rings, price upon request. Available at Hailee Grace Boutique.

The Lowdown: Accessories can be beneficial in that pieces can be reused for different outfits to produce an eclectic wardrobe. Additionally, versatility is advantageous because it presents the opportunity to update your ensemble without having to purchase new items. Hats are recognized as one of the staple accessories of gender fluidity, from Stevie Nicks’ collection of top hats to Frank Ocean’s patterned beanie. Baseball caps act as the perfect touch to an outfit, whether the outfit includes loose waves and a belt bag or a backward cap with large gold hoops. Headwear can set the scene for a tennis game or a dinner date. It can also change your look from casual to polished. These looks were inspired by Bad Bunny. He is famously always taking risks and experimenting with effeminate vibes.

On Elliott: Contrasting patch cap, $20. Available at Zara. Gold hoop earrings, price upon request. Available at Hailee Grace Boutique.

Add Elements of Sophistication 

On Barrett: Raffia Straw Hat, $40, Vinyl Belt Bag with top stitching, $30. Available at Zara. Hoop earrings, Price upon request, Gold Pendant, Price upon request. Available at Hailee Grace Boutique.

The Lowdown: There are items of clothing that remain timeless. No matter what the occasion may be, they add an elegant detail to the most relaxed attire. For instance, A wide-brimmed straw hat or a stitched handbag elevates an outfit effectively. Similarly, ascots and bandanas are unique regardless of how long they’ve been in fashion. Pucci and Hermes are known for handmaking their scarves, which adds an element of care and devotion. Certainly, many local boutiques offer a variety of sophisticated accessories to heighten your street style. Furthermore, make sure to find some square-shaped sunglasses to frame your face while providing protection from the summer sun.

On Elliot: Hexagonal sunglasses, $25, Women in art collection scarf, $20, Brown shoulder bag, price upon request. Available at Zara. Silver bracelet, price upon request. Available at Hailee Grace Boutique.

Photography by Madison Mcmullen.

Model Thomas Elliott.

Model Chantel Barrett.

Female model provided by Goldie Mae Productions.

Hair by Joe Denny.

Makeup by Angel Rodriguez.

Accessories provided by Zara and Hailee Grace Boutique.

Styled by Isabella Biddulph.