Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to [email protected] for consideration.

This past month, new artists stepped up to the plate with undiscovered talent and charisma in tow. Eager to leave their mark, these five new artists, songs and music videos continue to define the Denver sound. Like the city’s culture — undefined by a singular perception — these new selections defy the status quo and instead bring a fresh wave of artistic expression to our ears.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Taylor Shae

Listen if you like Sheryl Crow

Taylor Shae’s sound mixes old soul lyrics with bright vocals and a high-energy delivery for a fresh take on the Americana genre. The 18-year-old singer-songwriter just released her third album, High Stakes. Brimming with stories of summer, High Stakes will kiss your ears like the sun on your shoulders during the dog days to come.


Listen if you like Tipper

Denver-based GrymeTyme is helping birth a new generation of bass music. This second wave of electronic sound is defined by exploring the technicalities of music production, in short — pushing the limits of what’s possible. GrymeTyme is doing just that. His music explores undiscovered territory, bringing back only the freshest beats for a listening experience like no other.

Emelise Munoz

Listen if you like Jade Bird

Emelise Munoz has accomplished more in her 13 years of age than some can only hope to accomplish in a lifetime. She’s found her calling — and nothing’s getting in her way. With powerhouse vocals and a stage presence to match, Munoz is well on her way to taking the nation by storm.

Shad Buxman and The Graveyard Shift

Listen if you like Luke Combs

Although dubbed “The Graveyard Shift,” Shad Buxman and his band are breathing life into Denver’s country scene. Buxman’s storytelling lyrics hold their own against the commanding fiddle, steel guitar, stand up bass and drums. When brought together, Shad Buxman and The Graveyard Shift harmonize like old friends, playing with unmatched ease and experience.


Listen if you like J Dilla

Drift away to the deliciously saucy beats of ManyColors. ManyColor’s sound blends an easy-listening vibe with Easter eggs subtleties for the listener to enjoy. Delicate yet compelling, ManyColors creates a kaleidoscope of beats that adapt to fit any mood.

Five New Local Songs

The Drunken Hearts – “Last Shot”

Listen if you like Widespread Panic

The Drunken Hearts lay it all on the line in “Last Shot.” Perfectly fitting for both closing a tab and giving that special someone you’ve had your eye on one last chance, “Last Shot” should replace the worn out “Closing Time” last-call song for all bars moving forward.

OKO TYGRA – “Heliumdrum”

Listen if you like alt-J

OKO TYGRA floats away in “Heliumdrum.” Carried to new heights by his angelic vocals yet grounded by the raw emotion of his lyrics, OKO TYGRA creates a dream-like landscape of sound for the listener to get lost in. OKO TYGRA mixes ’80s influences with new wave originality to create his own sound in “Heliumdrum.”

Mandy Groves – “That Bad”

Listen if you like SZA

Mandy Groves draws on the inspiration for “That Bad,” stating, “It was such a direct line to my subconscious and served as a warning sign for me to work on my relationships with the ones I love rather than shut down during such a straining time in my life.” “That Bad” serves as a much-needed reminder for us all, packaged in a beautifully composed song that’s addictively catchy.

Jeffrey Dallet – “Mile High Lament”

Listen if you like Bob Dylan

Jeffrey Dallet fights gentrification in this rally-cry for Denver natives. Serving as the voice for the frustrated working class, Dallet sheds light on the issues that surround the rapid growth of Denver. While developers have their eyes set on expansion, Dallet reminds us that everything comes at a price.

Dreadnought – “Tempered”

Listen if you like Deftones

Dreadnought takes the listener on a 10-minute journey through the landscape of progressive metal. Covering all the bases, “Tempered” contains the expansive metal vocal range, impossibly fast yet right-on-cue instrumentals, and unexpected spectrum of emotions. An odyssey like “Tempered” will leave you a changed person at the end — whether you’re brave enough to take the ride is left up to you.

Five New Local Music Videos

Boot Gun – “Virginia”

Listen if you like The Black Keys

Don’t let the name throw you off, the “Virginia” music video takes place at favorite hole-in-the-wall locations throughout Denver. Following a day of shenanigans with Boot Gun, “Virginia” is a playful plea for a lover’s return. Boot Gun ends their adventures with a road trip to an unknown destination (with police lights not far behind).

Such – “Before Dark”

Listen if you like Ms. Lauryn Hill

Such encapsulates the tantalizing feeling of being in love in the music video for “Before Dark.” Filled with scenes of heavingly clips, the video perfectly portrays the sensual tension between lovers. “Before Dark” can be used as eye-bleach any time you need a visual cleansing, the entirety of the video will instantly calm your nerves.

TYJA3 – “NO THANG” feat. Jay Triiiple

Listen if you like Big Sean

Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but TYJA3 doesn’t have one. TYJA3 throws a rooftop party for “NO THANG” where he reminds the haters that he’s not stressin’. With the city of Denver as a backdrop, TYJA3, Jay Triiiple and the crew are all smiles for the summer banger, “NO THANG.”

The Copper Children – “Don’t Be So Shy”

Listen if you like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

It may look like Halloween in spring, but The Copper Children and friends are simply donning their true looks in the music video for “Don’t Be So Shy.” A virtue we could all use a bit more of, “Don’t Be So Shy” is a playful take on a problem we face as a whole.

René Moffatt – “Into Your Heart”

Listen if you like Ben Harper

“Into Your Heart” is the no-frills, stripped down, music video for the acoustic version of René Moffatt’s song. With no fancy effects needed, Moffatt’s voice and persona shine through for an aesthetic and raw video that gets right to the heart of it.