Meet Emelise Munoz – the 13-Year Old Soon-To-Be Star Taking Over Denver

emelise munoz

Most kids Emelise Munoz’s age are playing sports, discovering social media or hanging out with friends. That’s not to say Munoz doesn’t have a life of her own, but this 13-year old musician has dreams bigger than most of us can imagine. Munoz has the perfect mix of talent, drive and charisma that are poising her for a career she’s been determined to follow from the young age of four. What do you do when your heart is bursting with creativity? You pick up the guitar and never look back. We sat down with Munoz to uncover her inspiration, dreams and future plans before she’s inevitably swept away into the world of stardom.

303 Magazine: Most kids are introduced to music by their parents or a teacher. How did you discover your passion?

Emelise Munoz: My parents aren’t really in the music industry. When I was four, I really wanted a guitar for my birthday so my grandma got me a guitar. I started taking lessons and my guitar teacher started bringing me to his gigs. I performed during his breaks, and that’s when I really fell in love with performing in front of people.

303: Are you ever nervous to perform?

EM: I never remember feeling nervous when I’ve performed. I love it so much. When I was seven, I got my street performers permit and I’ve been busking ever since. That’s how I make my own shows whenever I don’t have one.

303: Do you have a particular style of music you like to play?

EM: I love Americana, which is a mix of a ton of different genres. I love everything, I’m not picky when it comes to music.

emelise munoz

303: Who are some artists that have inspired you?

EM: I have a lot of favorites. I love Elton John, The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, Brandi Carlile and Dave Matthews. He’s a really big inspiration for me. He actually signed my guitar. That happened because I was busking outside of one of his concerts. He saw I had a crowd and came over and signed my guitar, which was really cool! It’s hanging up in my room now.

303: That’s incredible! Do you like to write your own music or play songs from your favorites?

EM: Both! I love writing music. I’ve been getting into writing music a lot more lately and I love being inspired by other music to write my own. Sometimes people will tell me their stories when I’m street performing, then I’ll make a song out of it. I have a song about mountain tops called “Mountaintop Moonlight” and it’s about nature and how beautiful Colorado is.

emelise munoz

303: What else do you like about Colorado?

EM: I live between Boulder and Denver, so it’s really nice being able to busk in both cities. I can choose where I want to perform. I love street performing in Denver, I just had a show at Ophelia’s in Denver, that was really cool!

303: Are the Denver crowds supportive?

EM: Oh yeah! They are always amazing in Denver.

303: What’s in store for the future?

EM: I hope to get some music on an EP and get some kind of tour bus so I can travel all around. My favorite things are to travel and play music, so I’d love to be a traveling musician. My big dream is to play stadiums all over the world!

There’s no doubt in our minds that her goals are achievable.

All photography by Bridget Burnett. Videos courtesy of Munoz’s YouTube channel.

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