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We’ve compiled a series of interviews with some of our favorite local artists as part of our 303 Music Vol. 2 release. Every week we’ll unveil another artist interview as they discuss what it’s like to work with Youth on Record and be a part of a curated vinyl highlighting the Denver scene. Check out 303 Music Vol. 2 to see all of the local artists we’ve partnered with and get a copy if you haven’t already.

A true Colorado native, Brendan Bell was raised in Boulder where he began his musical upbringing at the young age of seven. He’s now based out of Denver and makes music under the name Covex. If you haven’t heard his music yet, you’ll definitely wish you started listening sooner. Covex has a special knack for creating melodies that are perfect for chilling outside in the summer sun.

The Denver music community has given rise to a number of noteworthy electronic artists, including Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic. If we had to pick a front runner for the next big DJ to take over the scene, we’d put our money on Covex — in fact, he took home the title “Best DJ” last year. So it should come as no surprise that Covex was one of the artists we had to have on 303 Music Vol. 2.

303 Music Vol. 2 features Covex’s 2018 single “Pretty Head.” The track also features singer Bella Musser — another Colorado native — and is the perfect tune for soaking up the sunshine this summer. Keep reading to find out why Covex was so excited to be part of our record and what he thinks makes the Denver music scene unlike any other.

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303 Magazine: Why did you decide to be part of 303’s record?

Covex: Since 303 Magazine named me “Best DJ/Electronic Group of 2018” I knew I wanted to be involved with the publication more. When I was asked to be a part of the album I was extremely excited that I could be a part of something that helps the Denver music community.

303: Do you think the Denver music scene is bigger than ever? If so, why?

Covex: The music scene in Denver is booming with new, exciting acts. Denver is lucky to have some big name electronic musicians rise out of here of the years such as Illenium, Said The Sky, Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic. The promoters here are also very supportive of local musicians. I feel very fortunate to be here.

303: What do you think makes the music scene in Colorado unique?

Covex: The amount of venues in Colorado makes the music scene unique because it allows locals to show their worth in a sense by playing the smaller venues like Lost Lake, then making their way up to bigger spaces like Red Rocks or The Fillmore.

303: Why do you think it is important to support Youth on Record?

Covex: It is extremely important to give kids — no matter their social standing — the opportunity to create music. Without music growing up, I’d be completely lost and I’m forever thankful for that.

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