303 Style Profile – Rachel Lang, the Bold Woman who is Sparklepriestess

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Rachel Lang — also known as Sparklepriestess — is the eclectic hippie witch of our dreams. She combines comfort and style effortlessly and fashion and style have always been a lifelong passion of hers. On her style blog, she writes about the time she would rip the knees of her jeans as a kid and how she made a red plaid vest and shorts combination in middle school. Though she’s moved on from tearing rips in her jeans herself, she still prefers to buy them this way. She blends her artistic taste in fashion with what she would say is a relatively low-key lifestyle — with the occasional party thrown in. Here is an inside look into the colorful world of Rachel Lang.

303 Magazine: What is an everyday outfit for you?

Rachel Lang: That’s tricky! My days are really varied. Some days I work from home and wear my Miley Cyrus x Converse sweatpants. Some days I have meetings or networking events, and then it’s a cute and casual metal cap toes and a top that’s tied into a crop top with an oversized jacket. Other outfit go-to’s are a knit pencil skirt or dress with sneakers or ankle boots and leggings with a tunic top.

303: How would you describe your style?

RL: Casually eclectic? It’s a real mix. I like to pretty comfortable, sexy but not too over the top, and a little edgy. There are elements of hype wear, classic rock ‘n’ roll, Burning Man culture and southwestern hippie witch. I get inspired by a lot of things. I like to mix it up too. My style changes dramatically over time.

303: Who are your favorite style influencers today?

RL: I’m really inspired by bold older women — Baddie Winkle, my friend Affinity, and the Style Crone. I love how they just do whatever they want with their style and own it. Inspiration also comes from Instagram and pop culture and I reimagine it in my own way. I love Kim Kardashian’s tight, long dresses and skirts with sneakers. That’s a great look and it really works for my body type, too. I get more style inspiration from people on Instagram than I do fashion magazines or celebrities. I especially like thrifters who make really interesting outfits from vintage swag.

303: What are your three favorite places to shop in Denver?

RL: Well I love the District shops in Cherry Creek. It’s basically like a “mall” of indie designers and mini shops. It’s two stories and you wander around and pick out stuff from all different kinds of vendors and then pay for it in one place. I got my high waisted yellow corduroy pants there. There are a couple of favorite ARC thrift shops in Louisville and Broomfield, too. I have found some great vintage pieces thrifting in the area. And I’ll always love the Freebird store at the Flatirons Mall! I love Freebird — they are a local boot brand and I’m obsessed with everything they make. I love to mix local, high end and low end together.

303: Which pieces are you loving in your closet right now?

RL: Current obsessions — my wine colored ankle cowboy boots from Freebird. Sooo comfy and somehow they go with everything. My oversized denim drawstring jacket from H&M men’s — it’s my grail oversized jacket. An amazing geometric bodycon dress I got at ARC for $6 — I wore it to the International Beauty Show in New York, and MENEZ fashion show and everyone loves it. Finally, this amazing oversized camo blanket scarf I got from the SheOp fashion truck. It makes me feel super cool.

303: What is your number one style rule?

RL: If it doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t wear it out of the house. You won’t look good when you’re awkwardly pulling at your clothes, in pain or nervous that you’re going to flash people. I made this mistake way too often in my 20’s. Now I only keep what feels amazing to wear.

303: Where do you think the fashion of Denver is going?

RL: I’m in love with the Denver fashion scene. People are very individualistic and willing to be experimental. There’s a ton of talent here! I think Denver is going to be known as a fashion destination in the next five years or so. We have a unique culture that’s different from other places.

303: You were recently in New York what was the biggest trend you saw there?

RL: The think about this moment in time is that everything is on trend. There are so many fashion movements going on right now. I did see a lot of chunky dad shoes — more than one pair of Filas, Yeezys and similar big sneakers. Ugly sneakers are still going strong!

303: You do communications for FshnEco. What has that been like? 

RL: Well my role at FshnEco merges the things I love most — marketing, design and fashion. One of the co-founders is an old friend of mine and we’ve worked together on a ton of projects over the past decade, so it’s amazing to work with him. Fashion people are my favorite people. Since we’re a growing fashion networking startup, we stay busy. I run our main social media account, help plan events and collaborations and network with new members and partners. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty fun.

303: You are also a textile and fashion designer. Can we expect anything new from you soon?

RL: Good question! I like to say that I only design for myself these days. There are a few ideas rattling around so I might show one next year. I particularly want to collaborate with a designer to do textiles for a collection. After Denver Fashion Week, I’ll start putting together some concepts, and then we will see what sticks.

All photography by Karson Hallaway.

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