Gregory Alan Isakov Travels to the Great Sand Dunes For “San Luis” Music Video

Evening Machines, the sixth studio album from Gregory Alan Isakov was released on October 5, and today, the folk singer has released the quintessentially Colorado visual to accompany his song “San Luis” off the album. The video, directed by Andy Mann and filmed in southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley (of which the song is named) sees Isakov driving and wandering through the expanse including a stop at the Great Sand Dunes as the emotionally raw song plays out.

Speaking to NPR about the song, Isakov said:

“I started this song in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, a place I often draw from when writing. The song followed me around for about a year and finished itself in California, on the central coast. Andy called me soon after I had returned to Colorado and said he was shooting a short film about artists and wanted me to meet him at Great Sand Dunes National Park for a few days. Any chance I get to hang out with him, I’ll take. He, along with some other National Geographic photographers and friends were traveling the Southwest, documenting the artist’s process. We camped a couple nights and talked about writing, photography–and got caught in a gnarly sandstorm, our tents blowing away in the distance. It was a surreal and beautiful few days.

I reached out to Andy a few months back, to ask if we could use some of the footage for a video for the song. I wanted to make sure the landscape that we had experienced together made it in.”

Made it in it did, as “San Luis” is the first music video from the new album. The singer, who resides in Boulder recently wrapped up a homecoming performance at Red Rocks on September 30 prior to the release of Evening Machines.

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