If you’re anything like us at the 303 Magazine music desk, you’re constantly searching for great new tunes and bands to get addicted to. As music lovers, we hang on to the songs we love and never let them go, but we also need something fresh to balance out those classics. Here’s a blend of our favorites at the moment, whether new or just something we simply haven’t had the strength to take off repeat for the last few months. Rock, punk, pop, electronic, alternative – you name it, there’s truly something for everyone on this master list of our favorite songs at the 303 Magazine music desk.

Note: Follow the playlist for more updates–we will be updating it every week. 

Contributors: Tyler Harvey, Kori Hazel, Brittany Werges, Mike Nickels, Denby Gardiner, Chloe Dore, Jake Dahl, Caleb Aerenson, Jenna Beutler, Max Nason, Mariah Hansen, Ellie Herring, Zena Ballas