Brennen Bryarly is a tour de force of the Denver music scene as a promoter, tastemaker, producer and solo artist. Managing the moniker option4, he tours the world with his blend of house, techno and disco. Now, he’s staying put in Denver for a bit with a reoccurring Denver dance party at Broadway’s Bar Standard — and the first one kicks off tomorrow night.

“I’m from Denver this is what I do. I might be touring the world but I’m still from Denver. I’m as Denver as it gets.” – Brennen Bryarly

Bryarly’s intention with the monthly “option4 and Friends” showcase is to fill the bill with similar music from the first act to the headliner. It’s an effort to get fans to Bar Standard early and stay late but is also the discovery element of the showcase allowing the first fans that arrive to find something new — and similar to what they came for. Bryarly said to 303 Magazine, “The whole point is to curate the music from beginning to end. From doors to 2 a.m. I want it to be properly curated.”

For the first “option4 and Friends” showcase, option4 is bringing long-time friend John Maclean for a special DJ set. The Brooklyn-based producer creates music under the moniker The Juan Maclean and created his persona in the early 2000s out of the ashes of his previous band, Six Finger Satellite. He grew extensive ties to LCD Soundsystem, having previously worked with James Murphy. Maclean included Nancy Whang in a significant amount of The Juan Maclean material and signed to Murphy’s DFA Records.

The musician’s style wires together post-punk-fueled dance music influenced by ’80s synth-pop. His last full album — In a Dream — was released four years ago. He’s released a few singles and remixes since then, including “What Do You Feel Free About?” in June of this year and a remix of CHVRCHES “Miracle” the following month, but nothing substantial. However, this past summer he premiered a four-track mix via Magnetic Magazine that was never officially released titled Panic In Fort Greene Park. This could mean Maclean is back to work and has some new material on the horizon — new material we may get a chance to witness tomorrow night in Denver.

option4 is scheduled to perform at all of the upcoming showcases, and the headliners have been announced for the next three months — The Juan Maclean this month, Dena Amy in October and Anabel Englund in November. In addition to kicking off this monthly showcase, option4 is recording new material over the next four months or so and Bryarly has said other than option4 and Friends, his performances are going to be rare for the remainder of this year. Bryarly is a busy man but he only continues to impress us with events like STEAM Wednesday’s at Bar Standard — a dance and pizza party combo — and now, a new reoccurring event, option4 and Friends.

Tickets are available here for only $5 while supplies last.