Winter is a time for snuggling. Cuffing season appears to be a thing, and by every indication, this year is going to be a cold one. But people are difficult, time-consuming and at the very least require conversation. Luckily for those of us who are cuddly but maybe a touch shy or misanthropic, there are cats and even more, fortunately, this December there will be a festival honoring them. The Snowcats Cat Convention at the Exdo Event Center will be a two-day celebration of everything feline — bringing it all together for a weekend of cats, art and music. The event will showcase adoptable cats with an onsite cat cafe and lounge courtesy of the Denver Cat Company. There will also be speakers, musical guests, meet and greets, a film festival and appropriate libations to keep the whole thing in perspective.

The line-up is pretty stacked with important characters in the cat world. While world-class internet cats like Grumpy Cat, may be absent there are still some serious folks in the house. Colorado’s own Baloo the Adventure Cat as well as the Kitten Lady and Lil Bub will do presentations, with a meet and greet with Kitten Lady being available for an additional charge. IAmMoshow — the guy who gained internet fame for his rap about giving his cat a bath —  will be there. Whether or not he will give his cat on stage is yet to be determined.


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This is my dog, his name is Henry ❤️ – Baloo

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There are also more serious presentations from a vet, some cat wellness advocates and several entrepreneurs. Brandon Zavala — creator of Cat Wine and Appolo Peak Pet Wines, and also the founder of the event — will speak as part of their “Catrepreneurs Speaking Series,” alongside Emma Bassiri of Meowingtons Co., Olivia Canlas of Meowbox and Sana Hamelin of the Denver Cat Company.

While it still seems like the founders are piecing things together — the website is full of sections listed “coming soon” — the event is sure to be both novel and informative. Events like the “cat-chelor auction,” in which the finest cat men will be auctioned off sit nicely alongside vet talks and opportunities to adopt cats who are certainly in need of a loving home as the weather gets colder. Denver is continuing to develop a distinct identity. With introductions of events like this signifying a strong commitment to the silly and the honorable, it seems like we’re continuing to go the right direction.

The Snowcats Cat Convention will take place at the Exdo Event Center at 1399 35th St., Denver on December 8 and 9 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day. Early bird tickets are available here.

Photo courtesy of Denver Cat Company’s Facebook.


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  1. Sarena

    I am a huge cat lover, but this event sounds a bit ludicrous. I’m concerned that this is just a new way to exploit animals, especially since this event a) charges people to get in, and b) features these cat celebrities whose owners are making money off of their pets. If it was an event intended solely for the purposes of educating people on cat care and getting cats adopted, then I would feel differently, but as it stands, I don’t like the sound of this at all.

    • Sasha

      I respectfully disagree. The main focus of the event is to, in fact, get cats and kittens adopted, and off the cold and snowy streets, which is why the event is in December. Every single vendor is also required to donate a portion of their funds to a charity of their choice. That’s 50 different cat-dedicated charities receiving funds to support our furry friends, which is more than most events I’ve ever been to in Denver (or elsewhere for that matter). Another focus, that I haven’t seen before at other conventions, is the large number of animal educators, advocates, activists, and vets on site. And, of course, it costs money to get in – it’s a convention, after all. From the cost of the venue to security to collateral printing, booth set up, labor, and every teeny tiny detail in between – it’s expensive putting these conventions together. And, from the excitement I’ve seen on all the social posts about this event, I don’t think people seem to mind paying an entrance fee.


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