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Womenfolk Beauty offers a Crystal Healing Facial that includes crystals which are placed on the energy centers of the body combined with face masks and a rose quartz gua sha facial massage. Owner Rhea Horvath believes that just like crystals, people are beautiful because of their uniqueness and differences. She incorporates rose quartz throughout the facial as well as other types of crystals to target certain chakras specific to each client’s needs, ensuring that facials produce the exact results the client needs at that time.

The Basics

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Horvath decided to open a salon that incorporates Reiki and crystal healing because she believes that long-term skincare includes some internal work as well. Being a holistic beauty studio, Womenfolk Beauty focuses on all aspects of the client inside and out. Relaxation, reducing stress, unblocking stagnant energy along the chakras or the energy centers of the body, glowing skin and a glowing soul are all benefits of the treatments Horvath offers.

The Experience

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In the beginning, Horvath burned Palo Santo Essential Oil to clear the energy in the room. A pendulum then scanned the body to get an idea of what chakras are more blocked than others. For the first skincare step, Horvath began to mix different ingredients customized to my skin type. She used an enzyme compound, kefir with lactic acid to gently exfoliate, as well as an antiseptic booster to help with breakouts.

The most exciting part came next with the incorporation of crystals. While the mask set, different types of crystals were placed along the chakra areas, including a large selenite crystal wand which was placed along the upper body with smaller crystals placed on top. Horvath selected specific crystals based on which of my chakras were the most blocked at that time.

After removing the mask, Horvath used a gua sha tool made of rose quartz for the lymphatic drainage massage. Gua sha tools are part of traditional Chinese medicine treatments that help break down tissue blockages and get rid of toxins in the body. I could see an immediate difference after she finished my massage.

Horvath then mixed a hydrating mask with a goldenseal booster and rose geranium to reduce redness. Next was a lovely but deep neck and shoulder massage and a facial reflexology detox massage. Horvath’s finishing touches included a facial mist, moisturizer, serum and sunscreen to protect the skin.

The Verdict

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When she was using the gua sha tool, Horvath did one side first and showed me the results. It dramatically decreased puffiness and it looked like I had just finished a juice cleanse. I am certainly getting one of those for myself to use at home. This was such a relaxing facial and it lasted longer than any other facial I have received. The products used at the end made my skin feel hydrated and plump, and as an added bonus, they smelled great. I felt relaxed, grounded and glowy. If you love skincare and crystals, this is the treatment for you.

All photography by Heather Fairchild.