STéLOUSE Just Released His First Song as StayLoose

Photo by Kyle Cooper

Electronic artist StayLoose’s (previously “STéLOUSE”) musical style is all over the board with each song providing listeners with a different feel. His newest song, “Fight Back” breaks him into yet another genre. “I wanted to create something that had sort of this big stompy sound to it — sort of a cross between alternative and electronic music. I am a big fan of bangy stompy beats and big gang vocals,” said StayLoose in an interview with 303 Magazine. The heavy hitting drums and catchy synths set the perfect scene for singer Nevve to lyrically inspire listeners to go tackle whatever challenge is in front of them. The message of the song is clear: “With so much happening in the world and everyone with a different opinion or belief system, we really need to remember that it’s through a unified front, standing together — that we have the ability to make the changes we wish to see in the world.”

The song comes at a time of change for the artist whose fan base is rapidly growing. Formerly known as STéLOUSE, Ross Ryan is now performing as StayLoose. He has assured fans via Twitter that his music will remain up and that the name change is strictly so people can more easily understand his name. “I was always having issues with people being able to figure out how to pronounce it under the old spelling (STéLOUSE), especially in America because we don’t pronounce ‘ou’ like they do in France or Netherlands for instance.”

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“Fight Back” is also StayLoose’s first song with Dim Mak Records, marking what could be a major turning point in his career. Dim Mak has helped boost artists such as The Chainsmokers, Keys N Krates and Deorro. Founded by music icon Steve Aoki, Dim Mak has artists from all different genres. “It’s a breath of fresh air to be back with an indie and having more creative freedom and less red tape again. I just want to get music out and into as many ears as possible.”

Photo by Kyle Cooper

StayLoose got started as a guitarist for a rock band that didn’t work out. Instead of calling it quits, he went all in on his newfound love for making electronic music.  Setting his social and romantic life aside, he devoted himself to falling in love with the creative process and making the music that makes him happy. “Musically, I have never stuck to one thing, I have always just made what I felt strongly about at the time, whether it be house or future bass or indie alternative. Not sure if that has helped or hindered my career growth, but I am here for the long haul and to work for the honesty of the art itself.”

StayLoose is a headliner at 303 Music Fest on May 17. Get a ticket to see him and other awesome local artists here.

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