If you’re involved with the Denver music scene, chances are you’re familiar with Ru Johnson. Deemed “The Queen Calling the Shots in Denver Hip-Hop,” the director of Roux Black Consulting is hosting 303 Magazine’s first-ever 303 Music Fest. Johnson will bring along her charm, charisma and knowledge of the local music scene for this special local music showcase which features Trev Rich, STéLOUSE, Ray Reed, CITRA and many more. We sat down with the local legend to discuss her role in the showcase and more.

Photo by Danielle Webster

303 Magazine: Why are you excited about 303 Music Fest?

RJ303 Magazine has emerged as one of the leaders of artful coverage of music and nightlife entertainment in the city. The 303 Music Fest will be the perfect accompaniment to the rise in coverage we’ve seen in the city across all music genres. Bringing together a ton of different kinds of artists across the music spectrum is one of my favorite things to see, participate in and support.
303: Who are you excited to see at 303 Music Fest?
RJ: I’m hella excited for the SuperJam! There isn’t enough opportunity for artists to unite and come together under one umbrella of music so I’m really looking forward to seeing how we pull this off!
303: Why will you be the ‘host with the most’?
RJ: I’m really good at hosting! I’m charming, hilarious, funny and will no doubt have a variety of wardrobe changes so get your cameras out! I also know about and enjoy a ton of music artists who are on the bill so I’ll be there as a fan as well.
303: What are you working on over at Roux Black Consulting right now?
RJ: Roux Black Consulting is working on kicking off #BlackSummer — our hot season of programming which will include the return of Test Kitchen, a gang of contest giveaways from our advocacy division (#theblacklist) and more life, more shows and more music

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303: What can we expect with the return of Test Kitchen? Will anything about the event/concept be new this year? 
RJ: People ask me about Test Kitchen more than any other project we’ve produced and thank goodness there is finally an answer. We’ll be bringing Test Kitchen back in the early summer, and collaborating with one of the best restaurants and performance lounges in Denver. Food, performances and a real life Test Kitchen — look out for that. Bigger stages, more artists and one of our favorite restaurants.
303: Tell us more about #theblacklist.
RJ: I get to go to every single show I want to see. When D’Angelo came to town for the Black Messiah tour, that changed my life and I’ve been seeing live music since I was like six years old. A lot of people in the music scene who love live music talked about how expensive tickets were to that show and it really impacted me because seeing D’Angelo live was so incredible. Everyone should get to see live music at cost-accessible options and by cost-accessible, I mean free. We built #theblacklist as a city-wide (and soon to be national) guest list that operates on a promotional basis so that people can see the music they love the most. We’ve partnered with a number of venues, promoters and entities in town to make this happen. We’re giving away hundreds of concert tickets this year and I can’t wait.

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Photo by Danielle Webster.