We know you just went through the agony of turning your clocks forward for Daylight Savings, but now is time to turn those clocks back baby, because another Dance Party Time Machine is coming to Cervantes’. Sure, Cervantes’ is already known for bringing the party every night of the week, but the March 24 show is sure to be different from anything you have ever experienced before, even if you have attended Dance Party Time Machine in previous years. The stacked lineup is one to make your knees shake. These headlining acts include Marc Brownstein, Aron Magner and Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits, Mike Greenfield of Lotus, Cory Wong of Vulfpeck and Jeff Franca of Thievery Corporation. However, that is not all.

In support of this party for the ages will be plenty of members from local acts, such as Analog Son, YAMN, Fox Street, Magic Beans, Tiger Party and more. In addition to the insanely large amount of high caliber music, the venue will be taken over by Breckenridge Brewery and will be featuring specials from Mile High Spirits, so there will be plenty of opportunities to quench your thirst as you shake the night away.

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With all the veteran performers in one room, it is going to be interesting to see how they fuse their talents together to rock the giant rager. Since they all have their own established sound there is no way to predict how the product is going to turn out, other than that it is going to be good. “There is a certain amount of excitement and enthusiasm that takes place when professional musicians perform in a setting that takes them out of their comfort zones,” Mike Greenfield of Lotus informed. “Complacency is a killer of creativity, and just the nature of this show is enough to jump start musical innovation.”

This is not the first Dance Party of its kind. Cervantes’ has hosted several in the past few years and each has assisted in creating a reputation of epic proportions. “The Dance Party Time Machine is a family of sorts,” indulged Casey Russell of the Magic Beans. “There are always familiar faces who I have played with in years past, and some fresh faces.” Greenfield has shared the stage with many of the slated performers as well. “Although I have played with many of the musicians on this bill, many songs will be performed with different lineups and will always be fresh,” he explained. “I have never met Cory Wong before and I’m a huge Vulfpeck fan, so I’m especially looking forward to playing with him”

Most of the musicians at this Dance Party are also seasoned with the Cervantes’ team and the atmosphere they provide. “Scott Morrill is my favorite part of Cervantes’,” said Russell. “He brings the best music in the country to his club, including rare bands that might not come to Colorado without him seeking them out first. Cool shows like Dance Party Time Machine also make [Cervantes’] a special place.”

“Cervantes’ has a certain Goldilocks appeal to me as a venue.  It’s small enough to be intimate but large enough to transmit the energy of 1,000 fans,” says Greenfield. “It’s not too gritty but not too fancy.  Furthermore, it has a great vibe and sound system. What else can you ask for?”

While the essence and message behind dancing ourselves back in time to a funkified freak fest are remarkable all on their own, the truly meaningful aspect of this performance is that proceeds from the event will be donated to support Little Kids Rock programs. Little Kids Rock is a nonprofit that helps provide free access to instruments and music education to kids in underprivileged schools. There is an option to donate that can be found on the Ticketing Page for the event, so buy your tickets early and give back to kids who want to rock, too.

So, break out the funky floral print, your best spandex and gold booty shorts and let it all hang out at this event. We all know Cervantes’ knows how to throw this party, so let the professionals take it from there.