Denver is at it again with yet another food hall. Right on the heels of the grand opening of Zeppelin Station, the minds behind similar concepts (including The Stanley Marketplace, The Source and Avanti Food & Beverage) are coming together to create something just for Broadway. Located at the former Tony’s Marketplace at 950 Broadway, the 15,000-square-foot space will have pizza, coffee, a central bar and up to seven other food stalls along with one or two retail-focused businesses.

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Called Broadway Market, the new food hub is set to open this summer in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. And while the names of the vendors haven’t been announced yet, co-founder Mark Shaker, who’s also responsible for Stanley Marketplace, gave us some hints on what to expect.

“There will probably be a couple from Stanley,” he said. Shaker also mentioned you’re likely to find some prominent names as well concepts that act as springboards for people wanting to try something new. Similar to Avanti, Shaker said the leases will likely be short so vendors will rotate. The Broadway Market will also have stalls akin to Avanti rather than individual restaurants like the Stanley or The Source. You’ll also find central seating in order to create a more communal atmosphere.

“We’ve all worked on food hall-type projects,”  said Brad Arguello, co-founder of The Broadway Market, and original co-founder of Avanti Food & Beverage. “But more than anything else, we’ve worked on projects that are focused on building community.”

In terms of construction, Tim White and Chris Haugen of White Construction Group, who both helped build The Source, Zeppelin Station and Stanley Marketplace, have started the transformation. But according to Shaker, the team expects a tight turn around since the space comes with kitchens intact from Tony’s.

 In the meantime, updates will be released periodically with tenant names announced in the coming months. Make sure to check back here for more.