One of Denver’s most well-known boutiques is bidding the city adieu. Goldyn is passing the torch to True Boutique at the end of February. True, currently with a location in the Stanley Marketplace, is a holistic and eclectic space devoted to housing the best clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor and wellness serums.

This is definitely a sad day for Mile Highers who have been fans of Goldyn since its inception in 2007. The store was built in the historical Olinger mortuary in the ever beautiful Lo-Hi neighborhood. For years, Goldyn has been a fashion sanctuary for emerging creatives looking for a place to host fashion shows, charity benefits, concerts and art exhibits.

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Just over six months ago, the progressive storefront celebrated its 10th birthday. We had a chance to interview the owner, Vanessa Barcus, before the celebration and she shared why she felt the need to found Goldyn. “I saw a gap in the market and felt inspired to start a shop that could bring access and awareness to these kinds of collections to consumers outside of LA and NYC,” said Barcus. She was also very candid about the birth of Goldyn as it started off as an online boutique. It became wildly popular with frequent pop-up shops.

Vanessa Barcus. Photo by Sara Ford.

The fashion fairy tale seemed serendipitous once Barcus met True Boutique’s owner  Shana Colbin Dunn. While the Goldyn owner is sad to leave her brick and mortar, she and Dunn share something that is truly principal – their values. Those values namely include operating with kindness, compassion and integrity. Like true womanists, they both value honoring every woman’s higher self so this transition is more of an evolution than anything.

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You can expect the same fashion-forward and highly conceptual vibes throughout the boutique. Fans of Goldyn should rejoice knowing that pieces of the store, like Kristen Hatgi-Sink’s wet plate photography wallpaper, will still be on display at the boutique. 

The exterior of the second level shop – Image courtesy of Goldyn

Barcus said, “While  saying  goodbye to Goldyn as we know it is, of course, bittersweet,  I am so happy that we found the perfect retailer to pick up where we’re  leaving off, and transform Goldyn into something even bigger – True,” said Barcus, “True’s owner, Shana Colbin Dunn, and I connected immediately on an intuitive level, and share the same ethos.  True’s centered on those shared values, beautiful selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories and other goods that are grounded in wellness and spirituality. I could not feel better about handing the reins over to her.”

Dunn has extensive experience in retail as she has worked fashion and accessory industry for over 23 years. She also became accustomed to the Denver fashion game with the first opening of Kismet Boutique in the Highlands back in 2006. You can depend on True’s owner to continue to fulfill her company’s mission of inspiring happiness to her teammates and clients.

Small changes are taking place to include True’s manifesto but it will still a place you can count on to meet your fashion needs. To pay homage to Goldyn, the space will house a new curated section of best selling collections from Goldyn titled,‘Goldyn for True.’ In addition, True will continue to focus on the wellness of women by hosting workshops like Women’s Wellness Wednesdays. The topics will vary from building confidence to energy healing to trusting your own intuition in relation to food, oneself and relationships.

Stop by Goldyn before February 28 to snag your favorite goodies then look out for True’s opening in March.

All photos courtesy of Goldyn.

Editor’s Note: The headline was updated to accurately reflect that Goldyn has been in business for 11 years, not 10 years.

A selection of garmets – Image courtesy of Goldyn