When we first wrote about Stanley Marketplace’s opening in March of this year, we could have never predicted the growth it has experienced in just eight months.

The former aviation building is now a 100,000 square feet of community space, filled with more than 50 local businesses — restaurants, shops, offices and, most notably, people. Lots of them.

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While we’ve seen the market filled with a smorgasbord of wine, beer, bagels, chocolates, donuts, biscuits, ice cream, empanadas and more, it’s now found two more missing pieces with the newest additions — The Juniper Pig and Misaki. Now, Stanley Marketplace can boast adding sandwiches and sushi to the line-up. (Sold separately, we promise.)

The Juniper Pig

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If you’re looking for butchery-quality sandwiches, head to The Juniper Pig. It’s not just sandwiches and salads, though. The space is decorated like a small-town butcher shop, with meat aging in cases and the smell of a rotisserie surrounding it.

If you’re looking for a ready-made lunch, try the chicken salad sandwich ($9) with rotisserie chicken, apples, celery, grapes, crispy pancetta and pistachio vin (although we do hope to see it served with a side soon). If you’re looking for a little something to take home, they have fresh cuts of meat available to-go as well — from tartare to prepped pork loin.

Founder Dr. John Stephan brought his compassion for animals from a lifetime of practicing as a veterinary surgeon to the table with The Juniper Pig.

“The way animals are treated on some factory farms is unsettling,” Stephan said. “And many meats and processed meat products are of limited quality and frankly a disrespectful use of animals. Our goal is to provide natural and nutritious premium products to our customers from producers committed to the highest ethics of animal husbandry and the most sustainable approach to the welfare of their farms and animals.”


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It didn’t take long to see how excited Stanley Marketplace was to have sushi. Misaki just opened last Tuesday, and it’s already surrounded.

“As soon as we opened, the people started coming. It’s been busy and wonderful,” said Charlene Thai, who co-owns Misaki with her husband Robert.

Executive Chef Jesus Silva joins Misaki with plenty of sushi experience in the city — including Osaka Ramen, Sushi-Rama and Sushi Sasa. At Misaki, Silva offers nigiri and sushi rolls — including tempura and vegetarian — at approachable prices. Rolls are large and don’t exceed $14; some are are few as $4. Also, miso soup and a cup of tea can cure the dreariest of Denver days.

“We have great contacts with fish vendors around town,” said Executive Chef Jesus Silva. “The quality is amazing. Today we got sea urchin from Baja, California, and a large order of fish from Japan.”

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Stanley Marketplace is located at 2501 Dallas St., Aurora, Colorado is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Unless noted, all photography by Alexandra Palmerton.