Sure, maybe hotels, mountain cabin rentals and quaint bed and breakfasts are the perfect vacation getaway, but maybe you should stay down the road less traveled instead. Colorado is home to some quirky accommodations, so wow your friends with a trip to one of these Airbnbs that are well —a little bizarre.

1. A Refurbished School Bus

School Bus via Airbnb

Where: Mancos

Cost: $65 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 2

The Lowdown: Retired from her life on the road, this groovy old school bus from 1957 nicknamed “Elouisa” is parked on 36 acres in southwest Colorado. Just five miles from Mesa Verde National Park, this refurbished bus has a kitchenette, comfy queen size bed, full bath including a hot shower, sink and composting toilet and lots of space to rest. If you’re looking for a truly bizarre Airbnb, this may very well be it.

2. A Boathouse

Photo courtesy of Airbnb.

Where: Creede

Cost: $250 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 2

The Lowdown: If you love architecture or just want a unique hideaway, this boathouse is the place you want to be. Featured in Architectural Digest, this neat Airbnb is entirely crafted of hand-hewn woodwork intricately carved by local craftsmen and inspired by traditional Norwegian stave churches. With a vintage clawfoot bathtub and no television, the Boathouse prides itself on being old-fashioned and the owners encourage you to explore nearby Creede instead. Guests also have access to the beautiful garden and yard of Windsock Acres and receive a welcoming gift basket upon their arrival.

3. A Vintage Camper

Vintage Camper via Airbnb

Where: Moffat

Cost: $108 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 4

The Lowdown: Watch the night sky and sleep in this vintage 1983 Avion Ambassador camper. Located at 8,100 feet on the 40-acre Red Cloud Ranch, this retro Airbnb in Moffat, Colorado has running well water, a full kitchen, shower, outdoor fire pit and everything you need to camp in style. View the Sangre de Cristo Mountains when you step outside this mobile home. This Airbnb sure is Instagram-worthy.

4. A Rooftop

Penthouse via Airbnb


Where: Boulder

Cost: $232 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 4

The Lowdown: It might sound strange to stay in someone’s roof, but we promise this penthouse in Boulder is cozy. Atop a renovated Victorian home, this Airbnb makes for a quiet retreat with its 250 square-foot deck, sleeping alcove, private entrances, built-in office nook and more. Guests must climb two flights of exterior stairs to access the penthouse on the third floor, but the views of the mountains and Boulder are worth it. A stay at this Airbnb makes for a unique getaway only a couple floors up from the hustle and bustle.

5. A Yurt in the Middle of Nowhere

Yurt via Airbnb

Yurt via Airbnb

Where: Creede

Cost: $175 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 4

The Lowdown: Deep in the San Juan Mountains, you can find solitude in this isolated yurt. Only accessible by high-clearance 4WD vehicles, this Airbnb is a modest dwelling in the great outdoors that makes for a unique mountain getaway. With no running water or electricity, the yurt isn’t for everyone, but if you’re prepared to get away from it all, it’s an unforgettable experience.

6. A Steampunk Trailer

Steampunk Trailer via Airbnb

Where: Lakewood

Cost: $84 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 2

The Lowdown: The steampunk style is quite bizarre, and this travel trailer circa 1969 near Red Rocks is decked out in eclectic decor. Great for a couples retreat, concert accommodation, or solo adventurer, the 1969 Holiday Rambler Travel Trailer is roomy and features a fireplace, shower, private deck, a pillow top queen bed, multi-color LED lights and more. This trailer is funky, but it sure is fun.

7. An Wonder(ful) Earth Home

Earth House in Pagosa Springs

Earth House in Pagosa Springs via Airbnb

Where:  Pagosa Springs

Cost: $400,

Sleeps: 8

The Lowdown: Dubbed the Wonder Haus, this eco-friendly home has an observation tower which makes it the perfect spot for taking a romantic stargazing trip. You’ll find modern, Southwestern details and eco-friendly touches like Dr. Bronner’s soap.

8. A Teepee

Teepee via Airbnb

Where: Hudson

Cost: $85 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 6

The Lowdown: If you’re on a budget, but don’t feel like pitching a tent, this little teepee is the way to do it. This authentic Airbnb sits on a working horse ranch, so you get the real feel of the west. With a dirt floor, a night in the Creekside Tipi is just like camping, so you have to provide your own sleeping bags and other equipment. There is no bathroom or showers, but guests get drinking water.

9. A Tie-Dye House

Tie-Dye House via Airbnb

Where: Leadville

Cost: $63 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 3

The Lowdown: Built in the 1880s, this Victorian-era home in Leadville has been through some interesting renovations. Painted in Rastafarian green, red yellow, this hippie house is across the street from Nature’s Spirit Recreational Dispensary and Leadville’s Periodic Brewery. Naturally 420 friendly, every room in this colorful Airbnb comes with rolling papers and features tie-dye decor for which the Happy Hippie Tie Dye House is named. But you don’t have to smoke weed. A lot of people just enjoy the front and back porch, yard, fire pit and grill — making the Tie Dye House the perfect place to chill and unwind.

10. An Old Carriage House

Carriage House via Airbnb

Carriage House via Airbnb

Where: Denver

Cost: $121 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 3

The Lowdown: Once used for horses in the late 19th century, this former carriage house in Denver is a rustic haven from history. This charming space has everything you want out of an apartment with carefully preserved reminders of the past. Converted in 2007, the carriage house features exposed brick walls, a covered lounge, free Crossfit classes and garage-style windows that roll up to let you enjoy the weather when it’s nice out.

11. A Haunted Mansion

Photo courtesy of Lumber Baron Inn.

Photo courtesy of Lumber Baron Inn.

Where: Denver

Cost: $249 per night. Make reservations here.

Sleeps: 2

The Lowdown: You might have seen this creepy old house driving in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, and guess what—it’s listed on Airbnb. Known for hosting weekend Murder Mystery dinners and other spooky events, the Lumber Baron Inn is regarded by paranormal experts as one of the most haunted places in Denver (and for good reason). Scare yourself silly with a night in the nightmarish Valentine Suite, where two teenage girls were murdered in 1970. You probably won’t want to return, but it’s exciting to try at least once.