With Denver Fashion Weekend (DFW) just a few short weeks away, anticipation for the show is starting to build, plans are beginning to be made and outfits are coming together. For both newcomers and season regulars, there are always some reminders to brush up on and things to keep in mind.

Arrive on Time

Photo by Kyle Cooper.

There’s nothing worse than arriving late to an event, especially those that have assigned seats. This upcoming show, we’re closing doors at exactly 9 p.m. and the first model will walk at approximately 9:30 p.m., giving people half an hour to finish their conversations, their drinks and find their seats.

Speaking of seats….

Check Your Tickets

To avoid seat confusion, double check your tickets to make sure you know if you’re standing, sitting or walking the runway (kidding). General Admission tickets are standing room as well as student tickets. All other purchased tickets are seated. There will be ushers available to help you and of course, our DFW staff — so if you can’t find your seats, simply ask!

When you take your seats…

Remain Seated Until Intermission

Photo by Kyle Cooper.

While all eyes will be on the runway, it’s easy to get distracted when people continuously get up and down from their seats to refill drinks or use the restrooms. It takes away from the experience of seeing the show and runs the risk of obscuring other people’s view. So as best you can, remain seated until there is a clear break in the show, specifically a break for intermission. You will have plenty of time for drinks and restroom breaks.

While you’re enjoying the show…

Hold on to Your Drink

A spilled drink is definitely a buzz kill — for both you and the models. Not only is your drink now on the floor, but the whole show is put on pause to clean up the spill so no one slips, especially if the drink is near the runway.

And most importantly…

Dress for the Night

Photo by Kyle Cooper

Check out of our best-dressed guests from Spring ’17 DFW 

Whether your idea of fashion is the latest style off the runway or your favorite pair of jeans, come dressed in what you feel best in. It’s a night of showing off your personal style — whatever that may look like.

Fall DFW is November 9, 11 and 12. Tickets for DFW can be purchased here