We love to drink, but we hate the head-aching, stomach-quaking, hands-shaking hell that comes with a hangover. While there are hours and hours of research out there about what truly cures a hangover, we’re big supporters of the hydrate-eat-nap combo.

Because you’re never in the mood to cook when alcohol’s left your body in ruins, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite Denver hangover foods — from the tried-and-true classics, to the down-right dirty. Grab yourself a water, dim the lights on that computer screen and let’s do this.


The Hangover Helper @ Moe’s

Photo by Kyle Cooper

Where: Moe’s Broadway Bagel — 550 Grant St., Denver and 918 16th St., Denver 

The Lowdown: If you can survive the wait in line, the Hangover Helper from Moe’s is a cheap and quick solution to the worst of hangovers. With jalapeno, bacon, egg and cheese on the bagel of your choice — it’s the ultimate combo for those who need something basic with a bit of spice. Bonus: when it’s on special — and it usually is on the weekends — you can get it and a small coffee for less than $6.

The Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich @Birdcall

Photo by Alexandra Palmerton

Where: Birdcall — 800 E. 26th Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: We already told you. We love Birdcall. While the spicy sandwiches are great, sometimes your stomach needs something simpler. For those days, head there and order The Original fried chicken sandwich ($5.75) with an Aspen bun, pickles and the Birdcall sauce. Bonus: Birdcall is almost entirely machine operated, keeping your human interaction at an all-time low for the days you’d rather die than talk to someone.


The Chicken & Waffles @ Devil’s Food

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Where: Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery — 1020 S. Gaylord St., Denver

The Lowdown: Sinful, southern and sure to make you feel better in an instant, the Fried Chicken and Waffles ($15) from Devil’s Food is a hangover savior. Their southern fried chicken breast is crispy atop a fluffy Belgian waffle, rich sausage gravy and a sweet Slopeside Vermont maple syrup. You can add an egg for $2, which is highly advised for maximum results.


The Heart Attack @ Rosenberg’s

Photo by Rachelle Foos

Where: Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen — 725 E. 26th Ave., Denver and inside Stanley Market at 2501 Dallas St., Aurora

The Lowdown: You already feel like you’re having one, so you might as well eat one too. The Heart Attack ($11) is another winning bagel combo for those that are suffering, as long as you like a lot of meat. It’s an everything bagel with Tender Belly bacon, Polidori sausage, Taylor ham, a fried egg and American and cheddar cheese.

The Patty Melt @Fainting Goat

Photo by Alexandra Palmerton

Where: The Fainting Goat — 846 Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: You can’t have a hangover helper list without a burger, and we can’t talk about burgers without mentioning the Patty Melt ($10.50) at The Fainting Goat. Smothered in swiss cheese, grilled onions and 1,000 island dressing, this slice of heaven is sandwiched between two crisp pieces of rye that are toasty instead of greasy.

The Yum-Yum Eggs Benedict @ Sam’s No. 3

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Where: Sam’s No. 3 — 1500 Curtis St., Denver   

The Lowdown: If the bloody marys aren’t enough to get you to Sam’s No. 3, the eggs benedict should. Among its countless options lies The Yum-Yum Eggs Benedict ($12.99) with red onion, tomato, avocado, sliced Canadian bacon & fresh spinach. You can squeeze in some vegetables for a touch of health, but you still get that indulgent flavor that a post-drinking body craves. And, you must order the tots. You must.

Breakfast Burrito @ Illegal Pete’s

Photo by Rachelle Foos

Where: Illegal Pete’s — several locations listed here

The Lowdown: All of the good things wrapped into one — egg, chorizo, potatoes… need we continue? Price depends on toppings  — which with us can get a little out of hand — but the base is around $7. And, with so many Illegal Pete’s locations, you can get your hands on one of these babies easily no matter where you landed the night before.  

The French Dip @ The Corner Office

Photo by Rachelle Foos

Where: The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar — 1401 Curtis St., Denver

The Lowdown: This is the brunch for when you’re feeling a little classy, but your body still needs a boost from something a little naughty. If you can pull your ish together enough to get to The Corner Office, get your hands on the Classic French Dip Au Jus ($16), with shaved prime rib, horseradish and waffle fries.  

The Bombshell @ Highland Tavern

Photo by Rachelle Foos.


Where: Highland Tavern — 3400 Navajo St., Denver

The Lowdown: If you’re waking up hungover, chances are you’re not looking too hot. But, you can still channel your inner bombshell by digging into this Highland Tavern dish ($11.50) with housemade pastrami, swiss, brown mustard, slaw, fried egg and toasted rye.