If you’ve ever walked past the Denver Art Museum (DAM), the first thing you’re likely to notice are the piercing corners of the angular building. Because of its own artistic properties, it’s not uncommon to see passersby standing outside the architectural wonder, admiring it before ever stepping a foot inside. DAM seems to have recognized this effect as they have added another reason you may want to explore the museum’s exterior.

All “La Musidora” renderings courtesy of DAM

On June 30, the newest installation in the outdoor exhibit series will be unveiled to the public. Featuring a 90-foot long useable piece of art, La Musidora comes from Mexico-based artists Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena. The duo is known for their interactive, playful exhibits that are often reminiscent of childhood games and toys. La Musidora will be no different as the colorfully woven bench will feature chairs that play musical notes when you sit on them. The result will be a type of “musical chair plaza” where visitors can engage in the game. The newest exhibit will be installed on June 29 and open to the public on June 30. It will replace DANCE!, the former outdoor exhibit that also used interaction and color to engage with museums visitors and onlookers alike.