Denver Got Steamy at AnomalyCon 2017

When we heard Denver is home to a convention celebrating steampunk, an explosive mix of Victorian staples and industrial accessories, we jumped at the chance to witness it firsthand.

A young event goer shows some sass in his costume. His vest is a family heirloom that has been passed down for three generations.

AnomalyCon, billed as “Colorado’s own steampunk and alternative history convention,” was a three-day event starting March 17 that included performances, workshops, costume contests and even a facial hair competition. More than 30 vendors sold handmade clothing and accessories at AnomalyCon. Most impressive, however, was AnomalyCon’s vibe. It was a land where self-expression was encouraged and extravagance was required. Gears and clockwork covered tightly laced corsets, deep necklines and skirts heavy with embroidery. Fanciful creatures wandered the halls and dapper gents strutted the floor armed with otherworldly weaponry.

Rochelle Peeler showcased her flamboyant personality as a colorful sea witch.

Most attendees spent years creating their costumes, which were constructed using repurposed objects like blood pressure cuffs and old curtains. It was no surprise that the “unofficial” theme song of the event was “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

As the weekend came to a close, we vowed to embrace our own brand of unconventionalism and challenged ourselves to up our ‘punk game.

All photography by Austin Cope. Go here to see more photos. 

Northern Colorado resident, Fairy Tinkerz, designed and painted her own costume.

  1. Just an FYI the child at the beginning of this is a boy. His red vest is a costume piece passed down for 3 generations.

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