Detailed, timeless and classic are the three words that define Mark Snipe. The New York native oozes style and sophistication like no other. His aesthetic is refreshing in many ways because he is true to his style and clings to the minutia in fashion. Snipe initially had dreams of being a stockbroker and admits that he wasn’t the best at it. Once he started working for the fashion heavyweight, Ralph Lauren, in the finance department, he realized that fashion was something he had to pursue.

Mark moved to Denver and decided that he wanted to create the shopping experience he always wanted and that is how Sully & Co was birthed. The mission of this precise storefront in the Highlands is “to find domestic manufacturers who make distinct products with tailored silhouettes and clean lines. Sully & Co caters to the shopper who is looking for timeless style and refined attire. At Sully & Co, we don’t believe clothes make the man; but they go a long way to making him look good.” Take a look at our conversation with one of the dopest and fashionable men in the Mile High City.

303: You worked in fashion for 16 years, what are some of the tools you learned then, that you use today?

Mark Snipe: Fashion is about making a person feel a certain way.  Many people want to be fashionable but don’t always know how to go about it.  You have to present the customer with a strong narrative and presentation so they understand what you represent.  Whatever you do has to be clear to the customer.  Also, we focus on style and believe that our merchandise has to be quality and well tailored.

All photography by Danielle Webster.

303: What inspires your personal style?

MS: I draw inspiration from the world around me and by observing people. Whether it be while traveling or watching something on television or walking around a museum, I see how people are wearing certain colors or fabrics that I would not have thought to put together which gives me inspiration.  


Photo Credit : Danielle Webster

303: What are some of your style staples?

MS: I think core staples of any wardrobe should include a well-tailored navy sport jacket, a good pair of denim, navy and grey worsted wool pants and five – 10 white and blue twill dress shirts.  And, of course, one should have a good pair of black and brown shoes.

303: What is Sully & Co and how did you come up with the name?

MS: Sully & Co is a menswear store featuring well-tailored, American made clothing. We went through many names before settling on Sully & Co.  Essentially, Sully is the name of our mini-schnauzer and felt it was fitting. 

303: How do you think your business fits in the Denver fashion scene?

MS: We’re trying to find our niche.  Denver is a very laid back town and our store is geared towards the gentleman who is interested in taking things up a notch and dressing up.  

303: What does it mean to you to be black and fashionable in Denver?

MS: It’s not something that I think about.  Style and fashion are two things that transcend race and creed and consequently is not a consideration.

 303: What do you want shoppers to know about Sully & Co?

MS: I want shoppers to know Sully & Co is high-quality, well-tailored American made clothing.  We play in what we call the ‘Urban Preppy’ market, which is typified by a nice pair of denim with a great sport jacket and well fitting shirt.  The denim can always be swapped out for a good pair of trousers.  We think that is a timeless look that will never go out of fashion.  

All photography by Danielle Webster.

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