Co-owner of Acorn and OAK at Fourteenth Signs Lease for New Concept

Bryan Dayton

Residents of the 303 have long adored the inventive yet comforting fare from Denver’s acclaimed Acorn and fast-fine concept Brider, as well as OAK at Fourteenth in Boulder. From crispy fried pickles and tomato-braised meatballs to burgundy truffle gnocchi, the culinary delights are tough to match. Now, we have something new to shout about.

Bryan Dayton, co-owner and beverage director for all three restaurants, has announced the signing of a lease for a new concept he plans to open early summer 2017 in Downtown Boulder. The restaurant will be situated on the roof of PearlWest, located at 1023 Walnut Street. This spot will offer guests a rare, unobstructed vista of Boulder’s magnificent Flatirons.

“When the opportunity came to me, I couldn’t pass it up,” said Dayton. “It’s an unbelievable space, and I’m thrilled to be able to bring those mountain views back to the Boulder community. We have a ton of new energy here—a lot of passion. It should be an exciting new chapter.”

Steven Redzikowski, Dayton’s co-owner and executive chef at Acorn, OAK at Fourteenth and Brider, will not be fully immersed in this new project. While he has consulted on kitchen design and a few other operational matters, and is offering his friend the support he needs, he says he will continue to stay focused on his and Dayton’s current projects. “My passion lies in the kitchen,” he explained.

While details of the fare and concept are still forthcoming, the restaurant is already highly anticipated, and is sure to receive a warm welcome from Denver and Boulder residents alike.


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