303 Magazine’s Best Photos of 2016

Photo by Kyle Cooper.

The photographers at 303 Magazine are curios, adventurous and are always looking for the most interesting person in the room. 365 days have passed since we put together our last “best of” for their work and it never gets easier to grab just a few for you to see. Below are some of our favorites, but to see more make sure to keep reading and follow us on Instagram.

The Music

Colorado is home to the most beautiful, intimate and historic venues in the world. Our photographers are lucky enough to shoot them on almost a nightly basis. From major national acts to small local bands, we have covered it all this year. Get a photographic glimpse of our highlights then make sure to check out our music Instagram dedicated to just our best music photography at @303Music.


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The People

Denver is full of interesting people, each with their own story. From Lumberjacks, musicians, chefs and fashion shakers and movers, 303 photographers were there to take their photos.


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The Places

303 photographers captured images of historical buildings, an ever expanding and changing skyline and the unique architecture that Denver has to offer.

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The Food

We’re convinced the D in Denver stands for delicious because, as you see, we ate a lot of tasty (and tasty looking things) this year. From incredible desserts to plates popping with color, these photos will undoubtedly make you drool. So grab a napkin and get ready to feast your eyes on the best food photos of the year. 

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The Fashion

From the high fashion on the runways to the cool and casual street style, and a few fashion editorials in between, we worked tirelessly to showcase all angles of Denver style. Plus, designers all over the city proved this year they would not be confined to just fabric with many using everything from paper, hair and feathers to create incredible masterpieces. 

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