Boulder’s own 12th Annual Film Festival, brought to you by Fjällräven and Intrepid Travel, is coming around once again to provide another awe-inspiring and artistically stimulating experience. From Sept. 29-Oct.1, the festival will bring together a variety of artists, performances and workshops. Your creative side will be more than satisfied at the end of all the included festivities.

To give a quick rundown of some things to expect, this festival is first and foremost about film, but also spans well outside the cinematic range. Witness the captivating collection of this year’s most profound independent films while getting to enjoy all the other gems Boulder has to offer. They will be blocking off the street for the 3rd annual Adventure Street Fair where you’ll have a chance to  savor all the things that make life delicious –and I’m not just talking about the gourmet food. The fair will also include live music, dancing, beer and cocktails, shopping, free yoga and massage.

This will truly be an adventure to remember, so buy your tickets and experience just one more of this beautiful states’ treasures.

Also, if you would like to get a clearer picture of the types of films the festival will be offering, check out this trailer for last year’s extravaganza:

2015 Adventure Film Official Trailer from Adventure Film Festival on Vimeo.

 The Adventure Film Festival will take place at Boulder Theater (2032 14th St, Boulder) and 14th Street. Click here for more information on the festival and tickets.