Denver ranked fifth in Inked Magazine’s “The Top 15 Tattooed Cities in the United States” with 164 tattoo parlors (in 2014) and so it is no wonder that this weekend, July 22–24 at the Convention Center Denverites will be able to attend the Tattoo Masquerade —presented by the Denver Tattoo Collective and created by Vinyasa Productions— in its inaugural year, with 140 artists from 25 states and the UK including world–class tattoo artists, live painters, performance artists, healing artists and vendors. This event will explore an alternative side of the Denver art scene in the hopes of inspiring budding artists and encouraging existing ones.

Whether you have a tattoo or not, this event is sure to expand your knowledge of the art of tattoos and keep you entertained at the same time with a different schedule each day of DJs, aerial dancers, live birds of prey, burlesque and performance art. Tickets are available for a three–day pass or for each separate day, and attendees are encouraged to go dressed in Cosplay or Masquerade costumes and be ready to show their own tattoos to enter competitions. Visit the website for a list of each competition category.

In the spirit of the event, we have compiled a short list of not–to–miss tattoo artists, both local and out–of–towners who display outstanding work and who will be live tattooing this weekend (and are often booked for years in advance.)


Melis Fusco
Black Sage Studio, Evergreen CO

Tattoo Masquerade, Melis Fusco

Photo courtesy of Melissa Fusco

Melissa Fusco has been featured in Tattoo and Tat2 Magazines because of her striking tattoos that have rich color and appear painted on the skin. She emphasizes her interest in working with a client to produce a unique piece, something that expresses her undeniably skilled artistic finesse as well as the client’s ideas. Although she works out of Black Sage Studio in Evergreen, she often travels to conventions around the states, tattooing along the way.

Alternative Arts Tattoo, Littleton CO

Tattoo Masquerade, Fritz

Photo courtesy of Tattoo Masquerade

Fritz creates phenomenal designs, often geometric or mandala–like. With over 25 years of experience, his attention to detail and honing of the craft is hard to deny. There is definitely a signature style to all of his tattoos, one that most tattooed people would be proud to wear indefinitely.

Mandy Hazell
Bound By Design, Denver CO

Tattoo Masquerade, Mandy Hazell

Photo courtesy of Tattoo Masquerade

These tattoos are whimsical, colorful, neo-traditional creations that will catch anybody’s attention, but especially the young at heart. Some of Hazell’s other art can be found at galleries and salons around Denver, as well as on Amazon.

Adam Rose
Fallen Owl Tattoo, Lakewood CO

Tattoo Masquerade, Adam Rose, Fallen Owl Tattoo

Photo courtesy of Tattoo Masquerade

Adam Rose is the founder of Fallen Owl Tattoo, founded in 2010, and has been tattooing as his life passion since 2005. According to his bio he has “drawn inspiration from the ocean, mountains, & the ridiculousness that keeps daily life entertaining.” Many of his featured pieces are full–sleeve tattoos, cohesively designed with bright colors and bold lines. We also recently interview Rose about hat company, where he transfers his designs to wearables. Go here to read the Q&A.


Derek Rubright
Trip Ink Tattoo, Las Vegas NV

Tattoo Masquerade, Derek Rubright

Photo courtesy of Derek Rubright

Rubright hails from the second most tattooed city in America  where he has been tattooing for 10 years. He was featured on season 2 of Oxygen’s “Best Ink” reality series, where top tattoo artists competed for $100,000 and his work can be found on almost any tattoo website. His tattoos are incredible and the artistic side of tattooing. With organic shapes and lines and blended colors, Rubright’s tattoos are pushing the boundaries of tattooing to a new artistic echelon.

Cassady Bell
Sideshow Alley, Portland OR

Tattoo Masquerade, Cassady Bell

Photo courtesy of Cassady Bell

Bell has been tattooing since 2007 and has made a name for himself with his clean lines and intricate designs. Perhaps part of his mastery has come from his extracurricular work with screenprinting, street art, gallery showings and clothing design which gives his tattoos a highly professional quality.

Bethanie Wilson
Nemesis Tattoo Studio, Seaham, County Durham, UK

Tattoo Masquerade, Bethanie Wilson

Photo courtesy of Tattoo Masquerade

These tattoos represent an evolution in the world of tattoos, that is, that tattoos can be delicate and graceful and are no longer meant only for the rough and tumble. Each piece has the most appropriate hint of femininity and realism, culminating in a tattoo that immediately evokes an emotional response. Wilson is truly a world–class tattoo artist and will be hopping over the pond to attend the convention.

Deric Miller
DM6 Studio, Helena MT

Tattoo Masquerade, Deric Miller

Photo courtesy of Tattoo Masquerade

Deric Miller seems to be able to tattoo anything with a commendable proficiency. When he uses color it really pops and some of his pieces have the appearance of a watercolor painting. Montana doesn’t seem like too far of a drive when you’d be coming home with one of his tattoos.


The Tattoo Masquerade will be at the Colorado Convention Center July 22, 12–10 p.m, July 23, 10–10 p.m. and July 24, 10–8 p.m.
Tickets are on sale here.