#303EATS – Best Food Instagram, June

#303EATers are still at it. Now with 15,601 entries, our followers have been tirelessly on the hunt for the best food in the Mile High City. Between National Donut Day and National Lobster Day, there were plenty of excuses to eat well this month. See below and find out what they’ve discovered.

@Denver_Foodie_5280 at Euro Crepes

Photo Jun 29, 10 53 09 PM
sweet crepe of the day at Euro Crepes off South Broadway. Crepe was filled with fresh peaches, homemade bourbon toffee sauce and topped with chocolate shavings with a side of ice cream.

@EatLikeLocals at Habit Doughnuts

Photo Jun 30, 9 42 13 AM
We definitely have a habit of loving these d?nuts ? and Habit Donut Dispensary never disappoints, especially with these Carbon Espresso and S’mores donuts! I mean, seriously, how good do those sound?! We don’t only love the awesome energy in the shop but it’s fun to see what new daily specials they come up with. We can’t wait to try all the other deliciousness that is yet to come! And we know you want a donut now ? so go grab one at 1553 Platte St Denver, CO!

@Jlegrand90 at Sushi Bistro Tasuki

Photo Jun 29, 10 53 52 PM
#chirashi @sushibistrotasuki. Sushi game on point.

@Brennahro at Denver Flea/Sunshine Bowls

Photo Jun 29, 10 54 47 PM
@denver_flea weekend #eeeeeats brought to you by @sunshinebowlsco

@WorldisMyMenu at Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro

Photo Jun 29, 10 56 11 PM
Needed some Hong Kong flavor in my life, and if you do try this Beef Brisket Ramen.

@CakenKnife at Denver PrideFest

Photo Jun 29, 10 57 19 PM
Celebrating Pride with a Dole Whip = best. idea. ever. ?

@Mini_Beasttt at New Saigon

Photo Jun 29, 10 58 49 PM
@chezthoa from @newsaigonbakery made me this beautiful crepe cake as a late birthday gift. She knows I’m a fan of her creations, and she offered to have one ready for me to pick up this afternoon. The fact that something so thoughtful came from somebody I had never even met means a lot. I’ve decided I’m going to pay it forward. I’m not sure how or when, but at some point this week, I’m going to go out of my way to do something nice for someone when they least expect it (this doesn’t mean I’m sharing my cake). I will also be a lot more careful when photographing food in proximity of my dog because let’s just say he’s swift and highly motivated by frosting. Somehow, the cake survived though. That was a close one! ??

@Mo_Car at Top Taco Denver

Photo Jun 30, 9 29 54 AM
@toptacofest is here!????? #happiestdayofmylife

@NewDenizen at Voodoo Doughnut

Photo Jun 30, 9 31 40 AM
Sometimes accidents happen. This ? “Voodoo Doll” ? doughnut suffered an even more tragic lower-region fate during a transport mishap from rack to bag. If you see someone walking around with a lot of groin pain today ?, you now know why But how does he taste? Honestly, the Voodoo Doll tastes like a suped-up fast-food jelly donuts. Do not expect refined elegance with subtle, complex flavor profiles @VoodooDoughnut is about IN YOUR FACE FUN! Imaginative flavors and combinations with visual appeal rule (see donuts dusted with Tang, covered with Cap’n Crunch, or topped with a piece of bubble gum). The Voodoo Doll’s chocolate topping is thick, almost like you’d find on a child’s ? birthday cake. You feel gleefully dirty and wrong while eating it. There’s a pretzel stick impaling this little dude for goodness sake! You’re being bad – enjoy it What you can’t tell from this photo is that the Voodoo is filled with raspberry jelly. There is something so gleefully evil about biting into this person-shaped donut and seeing dark red carnage. It’s even funnier if you bite or squeeze the doll in the right way where the innards squirt out of the piping hole. ? Muwahahahah! Eating a jelly donut has never been this much fun Pro tip: They are cash only – Put the ? away and bring your ?, otherwise use the ATM inside the store

@omgtheredhead at Spanky’s Roadhouse

Photo Jun 30, 9 33 32 AM
People need to understand the difference between want and need. I want to stay on my diet but I need a doughnut burger

@JenniferLover at Old Major

Photo Jun 30, 9 36 00 AM
@justinbrunson knows I have been waiting almost a whole year to try his Royal Rooster chicken. Holy $hi! it was worth the wait. Wow. Right @karaguag??


@ItsTheAltitude at Mizuna

Photo Jun 29, 10 58 32 PM
@mizuna_denver has officially taken over as the best meal I’ve ever had in Denver. Not only did they make me feel so special for my bday, but this butter poached lobster mac n cheese was one of the best things I’ve ever had. Our other favorites were the grilled octopus, beef tartare and butterscotch pot de creme dessert with brown butter cookies. So impressed @bonannoconcepts we will be back soon! #nationallobsterday

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