Public art—both commissioned and not—is one of the many beauties of living in Denver. Finding some of the murals that grace the sides of buildings, alleyways and even dumpsters just got easier with this list of 10 Denver street artists who inspire us and keep us updated on their ongoing work around the city.


Denver Street Artists, Instagram, Bimmer Torres

Community mural painted for Urban Arts Fund in Five Points. Photo by Bimmer Torres

About the artist:
Bimmer Torres is a young and prolific Denver street artist whose murals around town are bursting with colors and often incorporate themes of enlightenment, awakening of consciousness and community involvement. He was the Creative Art Director and Graphic Designer of 2Kool—a company that specialized in creating murals and apparel — and a member of the Guerrilla Garden Posse.

Where to find the art: One of his most iconic murals is located on 4th and Galapago, titled Existence. Another great example of his work is on the side of Señor Burritos, located at 12 E. 1st Avenue.



Denver Street Artists, Instagram, Dread, Colorado Crush

A new mural at Horseshoe Lounge, 414 E. 20th Ave. Photo by Dread

About the artist: Dread is the founder of Colorado Crush, “an event on a mission to embrace the element of graffiti as a positive medium, uniting our community on a conscious level through art, music and fun” as the website states. He is a talented graffiti mastermind and his Instagram pictures are worth browsing not only for the subject matter, but also for the quality of the pictures. He is definitely a staple in the Denver Street Art scene and has been making a name for himself in other ventures—like skateboard decks—as well.

Where to find the art: Head over to 37th and Williams, where one of his murals stretches around the corner of the building. Another awesome example of his work is in Aurora on the side of Jubilee Roasting Co., 1452 Kenton Street.


Sandra Fettingis, Denver Street Art, Instagram

Working on her installation on the side of 34 Degrees. Photo by Sandra Fettingis

About the artist:
Sandra Fettingis loves creating site-specific public installations that “transform environments to envelope viewers in beautifully activated, and thoughtfully changed spaces” as she writes on her website. She is a resident artist at RedLine and this spring she collaborated with RTD to create windscreens for the A line. Her Instagram account often features images of her works in progress.

Where to find the art: Stop by Denizen Apartments at 415 S. Cherokee Street for a glimpse of one of her larger pieces, and most recently she completed a mural on the side of 34 Degrees at 2825 Larimer Street (pictured above).



Pedro Barrios, Rebel Restaurant, Denver Street Art, Instagram

Rebel Restaurant on Wynkoop displays this colorful creation by Barrios. Photo by Pedro Barrios


About the artist: Pedro Barrios was born in Florida and raised for a short time in Venezuela, eventually finding his way to Denver where he brightens the streets with art inspired by his time in South America, as well as his partner in painting Jaime Molina (@cuttyup). Barrios is also the Art Curator at Svper Ordinary in RiNo.

Where to find the art: To experience two different styles of Barrios, check out the side of Rebel Restaurant at 3763 Wynkoop (pictured above) and outside Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill at 8th and Sherman. For extra credit see if you can spot the name of the building (MOTO) hidden in the Black Eye mural.



Michael Ortiz, Denver Street Artists, Instagram

Mural at Larimer and Broadway. Photo by Michael Ortiz


About the artist: Michael Ortiz produces dynamic large scale murals and street art that utilize organic shapes and often focus on the human form. He is one of the owners of Like Minded Productions (@likemindedart) in RiNo, a company that aims to bring public art to places that want and need it. His Instagram is 420 friendly, and particularly highlights a collaboration mural of Bob Marley he produced in Jamaica with Tuff Gong Studios.

Where to find the art: His latest piece can be seen at the Performing Arts Complex, 1300 Arapahoe Street. In 2015 Ortiz partnered with Mariano Padilla to upgrade the appearance of the IMAC building, on the corner of Larimer and 26th Streets and the black and white design is mesmerizing.



Anthony Garcia, Denver Street Artists, Instagram

Painting on a private residence at Washington and 46th. Photo by Anthony Garcia


About the artist: Anthony Garcia is a Globeville native who spends the majority of his time interacting with his community with youth outreach and public art. He is part of the Birdseed Collective—a group of artists who aim to promote other artists with promotion, materials and shared platforms—and of Alto Gallery. His style leans toward geometric shapes and bold lines.

Where to find the art: A collection of unique and visually appealing painted dumpsters are in the Sun Valley Project Housing (DHA), 990 Alcott Way, exemplifying Garcia’s desire to beautify community spaces that are overlooked. At the corner of 25th Street and Eliot Street Garcia worked with Birdseed Collective to paint an enormous compass on the ground.



A video posted by GAMMA GALLERY (@gammagallery) on Dec 24, 2015 at 7:07pm PST

About the artist : Gamma Acosta grew up in Longmont and began his current artistic career spray–painting murals of his own design until his work was noticed and now he is often contracted for exterior and interior paintings in Denver. He owns Gamma Gallery and is known for producing photo–realistic designs, especially the Portrait Project which is an ongoing series dedicated to promoting creative individuals.

Where to find the art: On the corner of 37th and Downing you will see one of Acosta’s murals—a woman who is taking off her face— it’s hard to miss. Two of his most well–known murals—Peyton Manning and Portrait Project 2 of 20 on the side of Monkey Barrel—will unfortunately be gone by June 1 as the building is being torn down, so this is the last weekend to see those two iconic pieces.



Denver Street Artists, Instagram, Brittany Werges, Thomas Evans

Portrait by Thomas Evans. Photo by Brittany Werges

About the artist:  Thomas Evans creates stunning work that “consists of channeling concepts and issues about the urban arts culture through portraits of minority and urban subjects” as he writes on his website. His Instagram features Artist Tip Tuesdays, which range from giving up websites he uses to advice on how to sell your art better to techniques he employs in his own work. He is an absolute must–follow if you want to know how to bring your art into a public setting.

Where to find the art: Evans is focused on fusing music and live painting currently but one of his outdoor murals can be seen in an alley on North Larimer between 28th and 29th (pictured above).


Denver Street Artists, Instagram, Jaime Molino, Cutty Up

Found at 5th and Broadway. Photo by Jaime Molino

About the artist: Jaime Molino often partners with Pedro Barrios (@pbarriosart) for his outdoor murals. Barrios credits Molino for his inspiration to become a street artist in the first place, and their collaboration work effortlessly relates their obviously strong working and friendly relationship together. Molino often paints faces that have childlike qualities to them, giving a sense of innocence to his work.

Where to find the art: One of his collaboration pieces, with @pbarriosart and @josephmrtnz is on the side of Walnut Liquors on Downing and 38th, another can be found along the Cherry Creek Bike Path.


Denver Street Artists, Instagram

Found at Bella Vista Mexican Restaurant. Photo by @denverstreetart_

About the artist: Although this Instagram doesn’t belong to any single artist, it displays a diverse selection of street art around Denver and credits the artist and location when possible. For a complete list of artists and locations visit the StreetHeart website. One of the best ways to enjoy the account is by following it scavenger hunt style, finding the art after the picture has posted.

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