Menswear Fall 2016 – Our Top Six Shows

The men’s fall/winter collections are here for 2016, just in time for us to drool over new styles that we won’t get to see for another full calendar year. Styles really seemed to range from sporty to preppy, to downright colorful with all the shows we saw this season. Designs are really coming into their own brand with personal styles straying away from mainstream trends.

J.W. Anderson made us love feminine looks for guys, which reminded us of David Bowie. Gieves and Hawkes kept it classy and timeless with looks we could never pass up. But our favorite show of the season came from designer Jermery Scott at Moschino. The electricity of colors and patters literally lit up the runway with a fun, cool style we wish guys would try out.

Here are our top six shows from the menswear fall 2016 collections:

J.W. Anderson

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J.W. Anderson Fall 2014 – All Images Courtesy of Vogue

The J.W. Anderson show really had a variety of themes that made androgyny cool for everyone. The lines between menswear and womanswear were really blurred. The collection featured patterned furs, wrestling boots, and 3D accents. The show opened with a white look that featured a double breasted jacket with ribbon accents and pastel snails. Light beige pants helped the white jacket pop out of the ensemble.

Models were styled with hair slicked back alongside a band that kept hair back. But we think what we loved most were the jewelry accents. Perspex chokers with silver metal flat head studs made this show scream high fashion and finished off every look with edge.


This collection seemed to be easy and straight forward, with black and white dominating the runway and models. But burst of color kept it cool and street easy. Sporty influences from baseball also made its way into the collection giving us great hats helmets and gloves.

The show opened with darker looks that featured white accents really giving us an art deco feel. Next came yellow vertical stripes and big, bold patches of abstract images that kept the eye moving. Similar style came in red, grey and forest green. What we loved most were the cool bomber jackets. They came in every color and style with cool patches that made the exclusively KTZ.


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Moschino Fall 2016

Color was cool for fall, at least according to Jeremy Scott at Moschino. Models were dressed head-to-toe in electric colors that made it hard not to stare. The first look featured a red suit that resembled velvet but added dimension through black shading in the fabric.

Every model also had a strip of color with a slicked back hairdo that coordinated with their looks. A few cool, military looks also made it down the runway with some new cool flare to military green. Graphic printed T-shirts in all colors reminded us of Andy Warhol screen prints. Every color and every print was thrown into the mix, proving that too much is just never enough.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane always does a good job of making men look classy and sophisticated. In his most recent fall/winter 2016 collection. While we are used to seeing the buttoned-up guy with edge, this season really seemed to take influence from sportswear. Grey, windbreaker materials were popular in the show with a vibrant, green color slashed across the ensemble.

Straight style jeans also seem to be making a comeback with dark denim in all types of colors and styles. Folded up or left with just a cuff, this look was easy and clean. Cool blues broke up the collection in many different styles. Bomber jackets, rain coats and dolmen sleeved tops were all part of the mix. But what we loved most were the variety of patterns we saw. From bold to shy, they really livened up the garments.

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Gieves and Hawkes Fall 2016

Gieves and Hawkes

What’s better then a man who’s got style? Not much, we suppose. Over at Gieves and Hawkes we saw high style and sophistication in white, beige and reds. Turtle necks under suit jackets reminded us of the ’70s era but updated to sophistication.

Simple looks also made it into the collection with simple sweaters making a comeback for the causal male. One look we loved that was deemed effective was a basic camel sweater with zig-zag knits.

On top of a white button down and paired with orange pants, you could take this look from desk to dinner with a simple jacket. We also loved the last look of the collection which featured something a little different. Still styled with a monochromatic trouser and turtle neck sweater, the jacket in this look made everything pop. The metallic really popped against the dark silhouette of the figure.

Tiger of Sweden 

Earthy styles with urban landscapes seemed to be the theme for Swedish brand Tiger of Sweden’s fall 2016 show. The show started off a bit slow with darker looks ranging from navy pinstriped suits to all black looks. Very cool and modern suits danced down the runway making something modern a bit cool for guys in the workplace.

Large, graphic explosions also came about in this collection but in a very minute way. However, toward the middle of the collection very nice brown, earthy looks started to come about. Now there was nothing organic about the pieces themselves, but the transition from black to camel made a large impact. Much of the looks reminded us of Armani, but for a younger audience. We loved the closing look. A fleshy pink velvet suit made it down the runway screaming fashion. We can’t wait to see who’s brave enough to wear this out on the town.

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