We are not a traditional advertising agency. We’re the un-agency. No suits, no PowerPoint presentations, no charging for emails. No BS. We help you grow your business fast. – Adam Greenbaum, founder


Adam Greenbaum never liked working behind a desk at a typical 9-5. Influenced by Colorado’s laid-back community, he set out to create his own marketing company that has that casual approach, combined with high standards and results. A few months ago, Greenbaum Digital was born.

Greenbaum Digital is an “un-agency” that provides clients with a professional and experienced team of people that call themselves partners rather than hired mercenaries. The company has already hired on several clients, most of which reached out to Greenbaum Digital seeking its services. Adam Greenbaum has even been interviewed by Forbes about his success–and that success is only a few months old.

To learn more about Greenbaum Digital and what it offers to Colorado’s most creative community of local businesses, we spoke to Adam himself.

Adam Greenbaum

Adam Greenbaum

First of all, why did you want to start your own company instead of joining another team?

Adam Greenbaum: Marketing is an exciting business and I wanted to build something that can engage a number of brands at the same time. I’m passionate about growing this company and I love that we have the ability to do the same for others.

Tell us a little about your history in this industry.

AG: My entire post-college career has been in the digital marketing industry. I started at an advertising agency in Las Vegas, winning multiple awards for my work. Shortly after that, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority hired me as the lead analyst and digital strategist for LasVegas.com. In this role, I oversaw analytics, digital strategy, and managed the ROI of our marketing campaigns with a multimillion-dollar marketing budget. Our team won many national awards for the campaigns and successes associated with LasVegas.com. Most recently, I was the head of marketing for a local startup that saw a 300% increase in traffic and sales under my watch.

What services does Greenbaum Digital offer?

AG: We offer the ability to take the Internet by storm. Not many people understand the digital age like us. It’s about hitting potential customers from all angles, on all devices, wherever they are. From web design to content and social media management, and all of your advertising needs, we are your marketing department at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team.

What makes you different than your competitors?

AG: I wanted to build a company that was nothing like other advertising agencies. Boardrooms full of suits, PowerPoint presentations, multiple daily meetings – these are things that impede great work. Agencies that charge by the hour love to price gouge on emails and phone calls. We charge a flat rate and encourage our clients to stay in close communication with us. We work with our clients to put together aggressive marketing plans and use all of our growth-hacking techniques to surpass the goals that are set.

Union Station, a frequent meeting place of Greenbaum Digital

Union Station, a frequent meeting place of Greenbaum Digital

Describe a typical business meeting with your clients.

AG: Our meetings are often working sessions. We’ve previously set goals and we use this time to go over data, discuss our progress, and present and implement ideas for next steps. Our meetings are anything but normal and rarely take place in the office. We meet at Union Station, on the balcony at REI, and we’ve even held meetings as we walk the Platte River. Stuffy offices don’t do much for the creative process.

You already have a great team of employees at Greenbaum Digital. What are your team building workshops like?

AG: We’re Colorado people. We don’t want to sit in a circle and talk about feelings or perform trust falls on each other. We like to be outside while we work. Some of us have dogs, so we like to meet early in the mornings to do laps at Wash Park. We like to have lunch at Union Station and chat about new ideas we’ve been kicking around. A couple weeks ago, instead of doing a status meeting in our office, we decided to go hiking in Evergreen for the day. Don’t worry – we talked about work the whole time.

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