Winter attire is just as much seasonal as it is essential. Colder months bring out jackets but in a city where the temperature can easily hit below freezing, survival is all in the bundling. For those of us that have spent at least one winter here, in the beautiful state of Colorado, we’ve quickly learned that preparing your closet for the months ahead is a requirement.

While living at the beach typically keeps your drawers stocked with bathing suits and shorts, winter towns are quite the opposite. No matter if you spend your weekends on the slopes or buried in your favorite book on the couch, winter attire comes with a lot of layers.

10 Things You Can Find In A Coloradan’s Closet

1. Snow Boots

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They can be fur-lined, stylish or not, so long as they keep you warm in anything from a snowstorm to snowshoeing. These boots are a great investment in any closet and also last for many winters to come. Though they can cost anywhere up from $75, their practicality is well worth the one-time expense.

2. Long Underwear

They may not be considered a cool piece to add to your closet but their importance goes much further than any pair of pants you own. Long johns are far from being only for the old. If you want to survive the slopes or fully enjoy a cabin with a little too much draft, these under garments are your best friend in any outfit.

3. Wool Socks

You can go simple with a classic grey or take it up a notch with an animal print, but the genius of a pair of warm socks is all in the fabric. It’s important to make sure you choose your shoe size based on being able to wear these underneath, and probably have a few backups for surviving long winter nights.

4. A Real Winter Coat

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No matter if you prefer one that hits the ground or a opt for a hood that swallows up any chill, trying for one that is both water proof and layer worthy is essential. It’s important to pay attention to the lining as well, as this piece will be your sanity all day for about seven months.

5. Leggings

They’re not pants but they’re also not pajamas. The best pair of leggings are ones that you can wear with any sweater, dress or shoes, without worrying about being cold. Fleece-lined leggings are a great addition in the colder months but any and all leggings will bring together that cozy comfort you will need until May.

6. A Practical Backpack

If you like to hike, or even if you just need to get from home to work, a backpack is a staple piece for most activities all year long. An option that has a space for a water bottle and smaller pockets for the little things you need to carry around will make any adventure that much easier.

7. Flannels

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It’s not the Colorado state fabric but it should be. Both stylish and practical, these tops, jackets and hats are an easy choice for warmth and casual attire all winter. Not to mention they’re easy to find and look good with everything.

8. Beanies

We like to call them “the new baseball cap” that can be seen all year but a favorite beanie in the winter is key. Finding an option that goes with your wardrobe and ski attire is even better. Plus, they’re a great addition on a bad hair day if nothing else.

9. Sunglasses With Tint

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The sun isn’t only strong in the summer. High elevation brings strong rays that can leave you blind against the snow. There are a bunch of local brands that offer styles with a little edge and work great in place of goggles, too. Fun colors, wooden frames and oversized styles can fit any preference but still work just as well.

10. Sunscreen

It goes without saying that there is an essential need for sunscreen, no matter the temperature. You can pretend that it won’t happen to you but one wind-burn can leave you thinking differently. Sunscreen may not be a staple for your wardrobe but it’s just as necessary as everything else.