5 Cannabis Innovations That Are Making Life Easier

We all live in Colorado where cannabis is legal. And as such, we are free to recreate when and where we see fit (within the confines of the law, of course), and to use it as medicine if it helps us. But sometimes, packing a bowl of greens on the go is messy, not responsible to do in public, or inconvenient. Luckily, we’ve come up with more than a few solutions to this issue since the innovation of legal cannabis.

From flavored and CBD-infused pens to devices for easily stashing and packing marijuana, here are some of the awesome cannabis innovations that are making things easier on cannabis users, and enriching lives in the cannabis world.

1. CBD-Infused Cannabis Pens

For those who like to medicate with cannabis, CBD oil is often an important component in addition to THC oil. CBD can be helpful with seizures and migraines, and it can also be great to use for bodily relaxation and pain. But this has been a problem for on-the-go users before, as the plant only offers the THC benefits, and most oil pens (up until now) just contain THC. Recently, Neos has released a pen that contains CBD as well as THC. The results are super mellow and enjoyable – a bit less THC, but still enough to give a buzz, and the calming, soothing effects to the body from the CBD. Even those who aren’t medicating can enjoy this pen – it’s the perfect companion to a long car trip that will be rough on your body as well as your mind.


2. Flavored Cannabis Pens

The big trend of vaping is in the world of cigarettes – or rather, trying to quit cigarettes – and vapor smokers are all about the different flavors they have available to them. Up until now, cannabis users couldn’t really boast any exciting flavors. I, for one, am into enjoying the flavor of good, old fashioned weed, but it is nice to be able to have some options and show the vape people that they aren’t the only ones with cool flavors. Neos recently released a pen that has strawberry mint flavoring instead of being flavored only by the cannabis. The results are surprisingly pleasant and refreshing – the minty hints help freshen your breath and provide a nice cooling sensation, and the smell helps mask the cannabis odor. Not that 303 condones smoking anywhere you shouldn’t be…


3. The Pack-and-Stash

Sometimes you may want to bring actual flower on the go with you and light it up once you reach your destination, but that process can be so cumbersome and awkward. Grinders can be clunky and fall apart, jars can break, and baggies can get crushed in your purse or backpack, and end up ruining your cannabis and your other belongings by spilling their contents. That’s why the Pack-and-Stash is such an awesome innovation in the world of cannabis use. Basically, the Pack-and-Stash is just a little plastic device you fill up with cannabis for easy storage. Then, when you’re ready to pack your cannabis into a bowl or rolling paper, simply take off the cap and dispense your herb by twisting the nob at the top of your device. This is ideal for bringing your ganja with you and packing it up with ease, without any of the stress of hauling around bags and containers, or packing it up once you reach your destination.


4. Edibles in Liquid Form

Another really convenient way to imbibe your cannabis is in drink form. Edibles can be unpredictable, and you’re not always in the mood to eat sweet treats in order to get a buzz. What is so great about cannabis drinks is that they are delicious, carbonated, come in all kinds of flavors, and are labeled as to the amount of THC they contain so that you don’t end up with way too much in your system. You can also get THC and CBD oil infusions in dropper form, and add them to your drinks or food. Dixie Elixirs makes some great flavored drinks and infusion oils and are really good about consistently labeling their products. This makes it easy to medicate or recreate in a subtle and safe way, and it’s also super tasty.


5. Low-Heat Vaporizers

Vape pens are already a staple for sophisticated cannabis users, but many claim that they aren’t perfect, and could be improved upon. Among some of the issues related to vaporizers, like small, breakable parts and the odor they produce, people complain that pens still produce a burnt-tasting flavor. The new Ghost Vaporizer from Dr. Dabber uses titanium to slowly heat the cannabis oil so that it does not end up with a burnt taste. This is great for when you don’t have the comforts at home for dabbing, but still want to get all the awesome flavor from your oil.


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