October 28, get your Halloween pre-festivities going with 303 Magazine and The Brown Elvis. We are bringing the people of Denver one of the most legendary Dj / Producer  acts in the world. All around the world, a new generation of dance-music fiends are learning what we at 303 Magazine already know, that there is nothing quite like this DJ’s unique set.

Before we reveal this mystery DJ, 303 is giving away 10 pairs of tickets to those who can guess which act is coming to Denver. Just comment on the Facebook post with your best guess.

Here are some hints for those of you who know your music:

John Digweed - 303 Magazine

  • This English-born DJ and producer made a name for himself at an early age, DJing in his hometown of Hastings and putting on successful club nights. Today, he is one of the most respected producers in the business.
  • He has created a career cultivated on progressive sounds and substance that has spanned decades. His large cinematic soundscapes transport audience members to another space.
  • His career has expanded much further than a DJ. His record label company continually seeks out new talent and produces mixes and remixes from the world’s best producers.
  • This DJ formed an early friendship with another very successful producer, and the two have been creating music as an unstoppable duo and helped to redefine the landscaper of progressive house music. Together, they released a renowned compilation of mixes from the club Renaissance titled Renaissance: The Mix Collection.
  • His radio show is one of the most successful dance music shows and reaches a staggering weekly audience of over 14 million.
  • He’s even scored a Hollywood action film starring actor Seann William Scott about a heist pulled during a rave.

It seems there is nothing this talent DJ/producer cannot do. Join him (and us) on October 28th for a very special night.

Don’t forget to comment with your guess to enter to win a FREE ticket to see this legendary DJ!
(10 lucky winners will be chosen randomly by the 303 Magazine team and will be announced Monday, September 14, 2:00pm)