4 Must-Haves for Attending the Theatre This Summer

One of the benefits of summertime in the Mile High City is the abundance of events and activities available for one to partake in. Among the plethora of available shows in town are the productions showing at the different theatres in the Denver Performing Arts Center. For example, one of the biggest shows in the theatrical world, Wicked, is currently showing at the Buell Theatre.

Unless one is a thespian aficionado who frequents these productions, it can be difficult to know what is appropriate to wear to one of these productions. The style is diverse, and it relies greatly upon the day and time of the showing as well. Below are four theatre-going staples (that can also double for date-night!) to add to your wardrobe this summer.

4 Must-Haves for the Theatre this Summer

photo courtesy of Mod Cloth

1. The daytime dress

Many shows are offered in both a matinee and daytime showing throughout the week and on Sundays. While going to the theatre is a wonderful excuse to dress up, these particular showings don’t require the formalities of a night showing. A white dress such as this is a wonderful alternative for summer. It can be dressed up or down with the right accessories, and is versatile enough to get more uses out of than just the theatre.

photo courtesy of Mod Cloth

2. The either/or dress

A dress like this is perfect for any and all occasions when it comes to the theatre. Pairing it with pumps, full beauty face, a clutch and an up-do will transform it into a more formal, nighttime look, while a fresh face and some adorable flats will keep it more appropriate for daytime. A versatile piece is essential to complete any wardrobe.

photo courtesy of Vogue

3. Statement shoe

Fashionistas everywhere will agree: A good pair of shoes pulls the entire outfit together. Shoe enthusiasts might even tell you a good shoe is what makes the outfit. Statement heels can be difficult to wear in the everyday, but what better place to let them stand out loud than amongst the pageantry of the theatre? The entire point of going to see a production is to experience the dramatics and to have fun, so let your outfit do the same.

Photo courtesy of camillestyles.com

4. The hat trick

Summertime in the city is hot. Not only will a hat help to bring relief from the heat but it’s adorable with any daytime outfit. This quintessential accessory is the perfect piece for going to the theatre. A hat adds a touch of class to any outfit and is essential for surviving the summer when you’re not at the pool.

Pair these pieces with some elegant, simple accessories to elevate your outfit. Pull it all together with a bright, springtime lip and you’re sure to steal the show.

    1. The proper etiquette for women is to remove your hat if it is large enough to block someone’s view. I believe men are supposed to remove their hats at all times, though?

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