Art has the potential to take us back in time. Art also allows us to stop, reflect, and evoke emotion. Which is why I am excited to talk about the reunion exhibition of Kristen Easthope and Mitch O’Connell that also adds another artistic element Shaunna Peterson.

"The Color Kittens" - Sally Centigrade Gallery

“The Color Kittens” – Sally Centigrade Gallery

This week’s article transported me back to November 2002, on assignment for Denver’s Go-Go Magazine. “Bowling for Souls” was the exhibit showcasing the work of Easthope and O’Connell. It was dynamic, sassy and sexy.


“The Color Kittens” featuring Easthope, O’Connell and Peterson at the Sally Centigrade Gallery located at 1423 Larimer Street, Suite 080, Denver is gearing up to be even more colorful, mindfully awakening, sexy and all the loveliness that lowbrow art has to offer.


"Cherry Bomb" - Kirsten Easthope

“Cherry Bomb” – Kirsten Easthope




Kirsten Easthope has definitely been working it as an artist since our last meeting with her pin-ups “gracing everything from custom Fender Guitars, Rocketbuster Cowboy Boots to the sets of the movie “Anger Management” as well as custom boots for Jennifer Tilly.” Easthope currently resides in Colorado.



"Clown Girl" - Mitch O'Connell - Photo Courtesy of O'Connell

“Clown Girl” – Mitch O’Connell – Photo Courtesy of O’Connell




Mitch O’Connell is still at it as an artist at his home and studio in Chicago. O’Connell is not only an incredible artist and illustrator he also has a fairly expansive collection of “collectibles”. You will definitely enjoy the photos and humorous captions of O’Connell’s “A Year of Odd, Goofy and Unbelievably Strange Flea Market Finds” on

"Mission to the Moon" - Shaunna Peterson - Photo Courtesy of Good Illustration

“Mission to the Moon” – Shaunna Peterson – Photo Courtesy of Good Illustration


Shaunna Peterson is an artist and illustrator that truly is an artist that places her own personal stamp of artistic originality on each piece. From incredibly detailed portraits of  favorite icons (Katherine Hepburn to Adam Ant) to the whimsical “Tabby Cat Tabby Cat” dressed for a night on the town with a cocktail and a gleam of happiness in the eyes. Peterson resides in California.

Forget about all the rain and join Kirsten Easthope and Shaunna Peterson for an exhilarating Opening Night Art Reception, Tonight, Friday, May 22, 5pm – 10pm at Sally Centigrade Gallery, 1423 Larimer Street, Suite 080, Downstairs Walkway, Denver, CO 80202, 303-942-9474.


I look forward to reconnecting with Kirsten and meeting Shaunna as I know I need something colorful, imaginative and sexy to take my thoughts of the wonderful cloudiness we have been experiencing. Here’s to seeing you out and about this lovely Friday Night in May.

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