Fashion shows are all about the final product, the moment the models step foot on the runway and the entire night coming together as a cohesive whole. But what the crowd sees (the stunning models and exciting atmosphere) is all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fashion shows. The amount of work, dedication and skill that goes on behind the scenes is nearly incomprehensible.

We interviewed veteran makeup artist for Denver Fashion Weekend, Lindsay Ambrosio, to give us all of the inside information on what goes on backstage and her expert tips for you to use come DFW 2015.

Interview with DFW makeup artist, Lindsay Ambrosio 


all photos courtesy of Lindsay Ambrosio

How did you originally get involved with Denver Fashion Weekend?

My dear friend Ed Gillespie with G3 got me involved. I started working with Ed in 2002. We worked in Cherry Creek for years together. I started doing Denver Fashion Weekend in 2013. I then met Mr. Charlie Price. I’ve done several shows with Charlie, being lead makeup artist. I will be doing makeup again for this amazing upcoming show!

What’s your favorite part about working DFW?

I love the vibe and creative outlet. It’s rare in Denver that we can do avant garde or outrageous looks. This is a time for artists to shine and go HAM!

What beauty looks are you most excited about creating for the shows?

I typically go toward show-stopping moments with makeup. I love using sequins, glitter and Swarovski crystals. Under the runway lights, the sparkle is like no other. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

It’s hard to get your makeup to last for a whole night out. What are your tips and tricks for long-lasting makeup?

I like to prep the models’ skin earlier in the day, then execute the more detailed work towards the end of the night. I highly recommend using sealers for the skin. My favorite and go-to is Final Seal from Ben Nye. It’s like hairspray for the face – definitely holds up all night and in the lights.

What beauty trends do you see being the most impactful for the current season?

Makeup trends we will be seeing a lot of is full eye brows, matte lips in a variety of color, and pops of color in eyeliner. I’m loving all these trends, especially eyebrows on fleek!

DFW is four different nights. How should someone tailor their look for each night?

This is [an event] for ladies to let their hair down. Take risks doing your makeup when going to DFW! I love going into the audience and seeing ladies all dressed up with beautiful makeup and hair. The perfect look I would suggest doing for DFW is: using more neutrals in your eye shadows, an awesome gel or liquid cat liner, a fabulous pair of lashes, heavily structured skin (highlighting/contouring) and a bold matte lip.

What are the biggest fashion faux pas that people should avoid when they’re prepping for DFW?unnamed-3

People need to avoid what other people backstage are doing or think about their concept. This is a moment for you as an artist to shine. Stick to what you know and execute a clean, strong look.

How do you see DFW growing in the next couple of years?

I think it is amazing what Charlie Price and 303 are bringing to Denver with DFW. Every year the shows get bigger and better. I can’t wait to see what all the amazing artists bring! It’s truly contagious.  – sky’s the limit for DFW.

Sometimes people can overlook the beauty aspect in favor of the fashion at runway events. Why do you think creating makeup looks is so important in the world of fashion?

For me the look must be cohesive. The fashion is only as good as the makeup, hair and model. They all play a major role. I always suggest creating multiple face charts for the different makeup looks. I’ve done this for years and I know they do this around the world. It helps when organizing. For future makeup artists, face charts will help you become a stronger artist.