Long Tall Sally: Boutique for Tall Women Opens in Denver

Courtesy of Long Tall Sally

Being tall can often have a very strong effect on a girl’s shopping experience and even sometimes on her self-esteem. The sleeves are too short. The pant legs aren’t right. The maxi dress is more like a mini dress. More often than not they can end up settling for pants that don’t quite touch reach their ankles because that’s as close as they will ever get. It’s a daily struggle for those women that enter a store knowing that many of the things hanging on the racks won’t fit them properly.

But never fear, tall girls of Denver, your answer has arrived. Long Tall Sally has now officially opened its first Denver location. This store gears its clothing towards girls 5’8″ and taller. Based in the U.K., Long Tall Sally’s Denver location is its first retail location in the western United States, and is located in the Denver Pavilions on the 16th street mall. Following two other physical locations in the U.S., the company is excited to bring its unique style to Denver.

Courtesy of Long Tall Sally

While many stores offer “tall” options for taller women with longer hemlines and longer sleeves tacked on to smaller proportioned clothing, Long Tall Sally manufactures its products specifically for tall women. According to Long Tall Sally’s CEO Andrew Shapin, the store’s demographic “…is tall women. It’s more than just extra inches added onto a hem or shirt sleeve. Instead, each and every item is crafted from start to finish with a tall figure in mind, meaning that everything fits properly and proportionally.”

Courtesy of Long Tall Sally




Now, lets look at the details. This store is offering denim (with inseams up to a 38”), suits, outerwear, swimwear specifically designed for a longer torso, maxi dresses that truly touch the floor and shoes up to a size 15. It’s a true one-stop-shop for tall women.

As the warmer weather approaches, Andrew Shapin reflects on some of the trends that will be hitting the racks here in Denver.

“This season, prints are huge. Aztec, paisley and floral styles remain a focus in a variety of colors. Lace is also a key fabric as we transition from winter to warmer weather.  We’re introducing a wider range of denim with new, enhancing “curve” and “sculpting” jeans, all designed and perfectly proportioned for a taller figure.   We take all of the top trends of the season and interpret them for ‘tall.'”






Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.47.39 PM
Courtesy of Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally’s opening weekend was March 20-22, so this store is open for business and ready to help Denver’s tall women find what they have always been looking for: clothes that will fit their mile high figure. The store is open Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Long Tall Sally

Denver Pavilions
500 16th Street
Unit 252
Denver, CO


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