No matter how long you’ve been dating someone, meeting the parents always seems to leave you feeling unprepared and nervous. First impressions are incredibly intimidating, and how you dress says something about who you are before you have a chance to say anything yourself.

That being said, here are some styling choices that will speak for you and have you dressed to impress for parental introductions of any occasion.

5 approved looks for when you meet the parents

Elegant & Sweet

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This style is elevated and chic, while also keeping a classy, feminine vibe. Not only will your boy’s jaw drop, but his parents will appreciate a tasteful neckline and subtle makeup. The pop of color on the bag keeps will keep any neutral outfit from looking bland.

Edgy & Classic

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If the occasion calls for a look that is less Kate Middleton and more Madonna, stay calm. This is an easy way to remain tasteful while still fitting the bill. Fierce makeup paired with leather leggings gives you a slight edge while sophisticated flats and a tweed blouse will keep you covered up and elegant.

Casual & Cool

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Don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard? Don’t worry – you can still wear jeans. Pair a nice blouse and your favorite skinny jeans with some stylish flats and liquid liner to maintain casual but impressive still.

Light & Vintage

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Embrace your inner Jackie O. with retro sunglasses and a pastel blazer. Nothing appeals to parents more than vintage style, right? These classic pieces paired together will be sure to keep you in the running as a potential daughter-in-law.

Simple & Stylish

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If dressing up is not your thing, opt for more accessories. A simple but conservative top paired with some jeans will do, but make sure to put some extra effort in with accessories like some boots, a hat and a watch. This look is sure to impress during more laid-back occasions.

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