303 Awards: Vote for Denver’s Best Female Model

[dropcap size=small]3[/dropcap]03 Award’s night is going to be huge. If you haven’t voted or reserved your seats for the awards ceremony yet, you’re going to want to after seeing the nominees for ‘Best Female Model’ in Denver. Be ready to be amazed!

Vote for your favorite and buy your tickets to Denver Fashion Weekend. See you on the runway!

Madison Spialek

Photo by Lynzi Judish

Madison Spialek isn’t your typical model. With over eleven years of background experience in print and runway, this girl knows what she’s doing. Over the last year Madison has been featured in magazines such as Beauty Underground, Jute Magazine, Denver Style Magazine and Crave. Additionally she has walked the runway countless times for many local designers, as well as in Denver Fashion Weekend. With Madison’s recent 303 Award nomination, her experience in the industry, and her current full-time enrollment in Naropa University, there’s no telling what Madison will do next. Go here to vote for Madison. 

Radha Kotliarsky

Photo courtesy of Radha Kotliarsky

Radha has been a full-time model for only one year now but don’t let that lead you astray. Radha not only has a killer look, but she is currently represented by multiple agencies including Donna Baldwin Agency, Revolution Management, NEXT Models LA, and Fashion Cult Models. Radha has been featured everywhere from the cover and pages of 303 Magazine, to the Denver Fashion Weekend runway which makes her an obvious nominee for the 303 Awards. Go here to vote for Radha.

Natalie Wolt

Photo by Dan O’Neill

Passion and hard work is what has driven Natalie to reach where she is today. “I wanted to become an a model because I love the art, the expression and the challenge that goes into creating a captivating photograph.” What many don’t know is that this girl has gotten the art down to a science within a short period of time. With only almost one full year experience, and her recent 303 Award nomination, it seems Natalie’s passion is taking her places. Her next venue? The Denver Fashion Weekend runway, this Spring. Go here to vote for Natalie.

Antoinette Rose

Photo by Nicole Marcelli
  • Freelance

In 2008 Antoinette began her pursuit of mastering the runway using YouTube and various magazines to aid in learning how to perfect her now note-worthy strut. As a freelance model Antoinette is driven by her hunger to reach the top, and she looks to inspirational models such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, and last but definitely not least, her children to keep her hungry. Over the past seven years of modeling Antoinette has not only learned the “ins and outs” of this industry, but her work ethic has landed her runway shows, editorials and her 303 Award nomination. With so much determination and motivation, there’s no telling what Antoinette will accomplish in the future. Go here to vote for Antoinette.

Danica Kempinski

Photo by Delmy Gooch
  •  Freelance

Originally a country girl from West Virginia, Danica has proven she’s so much more than just that. Since moving to Denver, Danica has participated in two seasons of Denver Fashion Weekend as well as many editorials. If chosen by our readers Danica said she hopes to “really inspire young girls who are hesitant to go after what they really want, to be themselves and to chase their dreams.” Her diverse features and thirst to learn has not only launched her into the Denver fashion scene, but has also earned her a 303 Award’s nomination. Go here to vote for Danica.

Emma Walker

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.50.21 AM
Photo by Anthony Goble

Emma is model on the rise. As a senior in high school, Emma has already walked in three seasons of Denver Fashion Weekend. But don’t let her age fool you – besides her runway experience, Emma runs her own fashion blog, as well as has been in many photo shoots. Emma’s strong bonds with fellow models, photographers and the industry make her fierce competition. With her 303 Award nomination, and her rising star power, this young fashion guru is sure to impress. Go here to vote for Emma.

Logan Torres

Photo by Paul Miller
Photo by Paul Miller

“I am passionate and proud of my work here in my home city,” said Colorado native, Logan Torres. Logan started modeling when she was just eight years old, so she’s no newbie to the scene. Having walked in three seasons of Denver Fashion Weekend in the past, and growing up in Denver’s fashion scene, she knows what it takes to make it here. With her untraditional look, passion, experience and recent 303 Award’s nomination, we see no end to this girl’s modeling career anytime soon. Go here to vote for Logan. 


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