So much rap, so little time. Though it may seem like the MC’s in the scene are spending more time arguing with each other than releasing new music, once we cleaned out the submission reel for Rap Power Hour, we see otherwise. Some of these tracks have been released by artists who submitted to prove that once again, the rhymes continue to circulate. If you’re interested in submitting for Rap Power Hour, send us an email DJ Purrfect gets first run through the ones that make the cut. Now, let’s get to the raps.


The 3hree Project is continuing its reign of television worthy videos and catchy hooks to boot. “100 Mil” features Trev Rich, Esi Juey, AP and Young Doe and the video is a banger. We like everything about this one, although the opening scene is a bit too long in the tooth, play it twice anyhow. Watch below.



Rob4Real of Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game released the video for “Fuck 12/Murder Doubt” and the visuals are super trippy. Rob fashions himself as an opinion leader in the rap game so it’s nice to hear him be vulnerable and personal about himself. He laments the death of KL Tha General woven with raps tinged by “cheap champagne.” Watch below.




Blacc Money Gang is keeping KL Tha General’s memory and voice alive with the release of “Hip-hop’s Hope” featuring Colorado Myrical. The hook on this one does all of the work here but we think the beat and creative energy is worth a mention, no doubt. Listen below.



Turna is a bit of a Rap Power Hour favorite so it’s no surprise he’s knocked it out of the park with “Red Rum.” He uses his adlibs and production theatrics to keep the sound fresh and show off his lyrical depth. DJ Purrfect says the song has an unexpected sexiness and we agree. Listen below.



Damien The Architect gets it in with “Oceans,” a track that lightly samples Brandy’s “Baby,” and leaves very little breathing room. Although the production is designed to be busy, it’s hard to concentrate on both Damien’s lyrics and the spastic beat. That’s a shame because his lyrics are really excellent. Intricate production is never a terrible thing, though so this one definitely steps to the front of the class. Listen below.



Ok, Babah Fly never disappoints on a track that’s about having a message, promoting passion and the creative arts. “B Yo Self” is professionally done, mastered to perfection and is lyrically uplifting. Babah has a unique flow that puts you into the zone. For some this makes the lyrics hard to understand but really, it means we should all listen a bit more closely Listen below.




Filthy T  sent in “Heart’s On You” and DJ Purrfect absolutely loves the creative approach. It can be hard to launch an excellent song with such a genre blend included but dare we say Filthy T has done it. A track for the clubs or the lounges, the lyricism isn’t limited to one particular thing. Listen below.






Logistixx  has a near hit with “Groove St.” The point here is to go for the old school hip-hop feel and while the intro is a bit too long, he does stay in line with the golden era sound. DJ Purrfect says the track is a bit boring and predictable and though the lyrics do have a semblance of depth, we have to agree. Listen for yourself below.



NMB Most Wanted is doing all the right things with “Options.” DJ Purrfect calls it a “gangster’s love song,” and not in that have your girlfriend carry the gun for you kind of way. The mood is seductive, the lyrics super sexy and the vibrations are mellow. Lyrically, a more creative concept is needed and would make this track more memorable among a ton of others. Listen below.



Trayce Chapman is new to the lineup with “Clarity.” It’s hard to find an artist who can really capture the theme of a song in all of the verses. Trayce does an excellent job of writing this joint from a personal perspective in a convincing manner. The result is magic. Listen below.