Natasha Strazisar could use a miracle. The wife of Denver nightlife veteran Mark Strazisar was diagnosed with Lyme disease nineteen months ago. For those unfamiliar with Lyme, it’s an infectious disease most commonly transmitted by the bite of a tick. Natasha’s case is especially severe.

Thursday 12/11 @ Tryst

Thursday 12/11 @ Tryst Lounge, The Drink & LaMark15

“We go from difficult to horrific,” tells Natasha’s husband. “Natasha’s pain and suffering is heartbreaking. The bug has corkscrewed its way through her blood brain barrier and into her brain. No narcotics can completely alleviate the pain. Putting her brain to sleep with Ambien is the only way she’s able to function without screaming in pain.”

Natasha’s clinical treatments and medical expenses are expected to cost $60,000 beyond what insurance is willing to cover. All hope is not lost, though. Natasha’s husband made many friends in his nightlife career. Some of the most significant ones have joined forces to organize a benefit called Holiday Hope, happening Thursday, December 11 at Tryst Lounge, The Drink and LaMark15. DJ Nutmeg, Alan Endorfun, DJ Tony Rodelli, The Sammy T Trio and world-famous belly dancer Sadie are among those slated to perform. Food is being generously donated by Pizza Republica, Highland Tap and Big Country BBQ. Slate 38 and Prost Brewery are contributing booze. A silent auction will transpire as well.

“While I’m deeply saddened each day that Natasha suffers so terribly, the outpouring of love and support this group of friends has shown is simply extraordinary,” says Bloom Connections CEO Greg Bloom, who spearheaded the fundraiser. “I couldn’t be more grateful for all who are contributing to bring solace to our friends in need.”

“We are on the wait list at the Hansa Center,” explains Natasha’s husband. “We know someone who has experienced relief at this two week center ($8900 plus room & board and $1700 worth of supplements to take home at the conclusion) and the Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Florida is our last hope. They charge a non-refundable $1000 just to process the paperwork. Weekly expenses run $3,000, with a minimum 12-18 week stay. All repeat testing ordered by the doctors is extra. Our group of close friends and the fundraising effort has given us hope. We have hope.”

Tryst Lounge is located at 1322 15th Street. For Holiday Hope tickets or further information on how you can help Natasha,