Nit Grit, an incredibly talented American DJ and producer, is returning on Friday, September 26th to perform in Denver once again. Nit Grit will be providing the jams for the evening at Beta Nightclub, alongside another amazing artist, Wick-It The Instigator. Nit Grit has an ear for beats that make people dance and grind, and a style that emphasizes his skills on stage. His music is extremely unique and personalized, meticulously created to evoke specific emotions, according to the man himself.

Photo taken from Nit Grit's Facebook

Photo taken from Nit Grit’s Facebook

The original tracks Nit Grit makes are all a special blend of heavy bass lines alongside dark and ominous tones, yet he is able to diversify them so they are all very different from one another. Whether the song is focused on harmonic melodies or head banging electronic beats, Nit Grit brings an intensity and specificity to detail to his soulful masterpieces, as well as live performances. This show is one that should absolutely not be missed so go buy your tickets now. The show begins at 9 PM and tickets can be purchased from for only $10.