Arise Music FestivalArise Music Festival takes place at Sunrise Ranch over three days and includes music, yoga, workshops and co-creative experiences. The intention of the festival, according to organizers is to facilitate and ampligy inspiration into action. The music is a mix of bluegrass, reggae and electronic music and coupled with a daily costume theme, there’s no doubt Arise will help you elevate your mind. The stages are numerous and the lineup diverse. The Souls In Action music stage presented by The Untz features local favorites like Turner Jackson and Lily Fangz while the main stage boasts of such players as The Polish Ambassador and Beats Antique.

In advance of the three-day festival kicking off on Friday August 8-10th, we’ve compiled three bands you’ll want to keep on your radar throughout the weekend of yoga, music and stimulation. Click here for the full schedule.


The Polish Ambassador:

The World’s funkiest Diplomat, Chicago’s own San Francisco bread The Polish Ambassador is a walking instrument. A festival favorite, his diverse sound that “explored unchartered territory” packs an ethereal punch over “mind-altering” glitch beats. The Polish Ambassador supports the shift, ushering in an entirely new paradigm over innovative beats.

Ayla Nereo:

The loop-pedaling utilizing musician who employs majestic harmonies is the maven of storytelling. Opening the mind of her audiences to work through her lyrical imagery, Ayla Nereo facilitates delving into the true self. Coining the term “folktronica,” Nereo’s performance is a resting soundscape and each performance a journey.


Blending “atmospheric” sound along with head-nodic beats, audiences who watch Templo will enjoy original drum beats, futuristic sounds and down-tempo trip-hop. Saying he is heavily influenced by J. Dilla and others like him, be on the lookout for melodic bass that both creates an sparks imagination.



The band’s name is closely aligned with “utopia,” and a perfect paradise is created with this outfit’s atheletic nature, unapologetic idealistic imaginative artistry. The collective hails from Kansas City and proclaims to bring an evocative, electronic agility to their performance at Arise.

Rum Tum:

This electronic producer and instrumental enthusiast claims to love the native spirit and wonders of the sea. This is evident over his synthesizer elements found in his sound as well as the inclusion of “field recordings.” Rum Tum is not to be missed for those who are wanting to be overtaken by the beat and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?


The band is made up of professional musicians who bring years of experience with song-writing, recording and sound engineering to the table. The crew also brings the funk of a more ambient nature.  Calling their sound a “spiritual practice you can move to,” Sangha will be performing at the Yoga stage on Saturday when the sun is high and the ritual perfect for putting breath to motion.


Peter Yarrow:

Most known by the masses for co-writing “Puff the Magic Dragon,” Peter Yarrow along with his band is so much more. A mind opening experience, Yarrow’s songwriting and playing cannot vibrate on a higher elevation.  One-third of famed folk group Peter, Paul and Mary, Yarrow is an activist and undeniable creative spirit.

Patrick Lee:

The musician uses his influence as a jazz musician coupled with hip-hop beats and live taiko drumming to create a “kaleidoscopic canvass.”  Lee is a proclaimed classic “renaissance man” who can hang with indie-rockers and the most creative hip-hop beats. A mix of funk with a classic edge, Patrick Lee is not to be missed with his live band on the Souls Rising stage presented by The Untz.