Q&A with DJ Lindsay Luv: Fresh, Fashionable, Fun Setlist for 303’s Pool Party

All photos courtesy of Lindsay Luv’s Facebook

With hundreds of high-profile events under her belt, celebrity DJ Lindsay Luv is no stranger to the spotlight. She can mix and mash the hottest tunes all while reading her crowd to pinpoint exactly what they need to hear to get turnt up.

This weekend Lindsay Luv will be making a stop in Denver to take over the turn-tables for the second installment of 303 Magazine’s very own Pool Party Series, happening this Sunday, July 13 at the Breakers Resort. The event will start at 11 a.m. and last until 6 p.m.

But before we bring her down to spin tunes under our Mile High sunshine, 303’s Music Desk wanted to learn a little bit more about the one and only Lindsay Luv.

All photos courtesy of Lindsay Luv's Facebook
All photos courtesy of Lindsay Luv’s Facebook

303: How did you initially get started in the spinning scene?

Lindsay Luv: I started in a corporate job in the music industry and on the management team of then Colombia artists, The Raveonettes. I worked in digital distribution, event planning and artistic bookings. When I was booking artists for events (such as Chromeo, Justice and Future Islands), one of the artists I booked was the late and great DJ AM. Our friendship evolved based on a deep love for discovering and sharing new music and he suggested I give spinning a whirl. At a time when female Djs were still especially scarce, I took on the challenge and I taught myself in the basement of a friend’s downtown NYC nightclub on quiet afternoons, where they eventually gave me my first gig. The rest evolved from there… I have been spinning nationally and internationally for many years now.

303: You seem to be a ‘Jane of all Trades,’ dabbling in fashion, photography, modeling and even fitness. Can you share your tips on how you keep it all together and still look fresh 24/7?

I have always thought that curious and artistic people tend to express themselves all over the place and I guess that applies to me. I am a curious person who likes to go out and experience as much as possible each and every day. It is the impetus behind my blog #Luvlifestyle where I apply a soundtrack to all the things I love and discover in life on an everyday basis. Because of my innate nature to constantly seek out a great workout, a tasty new restaurant, snap a beautiful sunset and so on, it never feels like a chore or something I have to ‘keep together,’ it’s just what I am about. I always make sure to turn it out for events, but truly I don’t feel so fresh after a long flight or a sweaty workout. But feeling comfortable in your own skin always looks good, so confidence, positivity and owning every moment is my tip. Also a little blush, mascara and a smile never hurts!

All photos courtesy of Lindsay Luv's Facebook
All photos courtesy of Lindsay Luv’s Facebook

303: As a fixture in the nightlife scene, how does it feel rubbing shoulders with so many A-List celebrities?

I have been living in NYC and now LA  for most of my adult life, so A-list celebrities have become more commonplace in my world these days. It is always a special pleasure working with my own personal favorite celebs and people I admire but in general I think of them as just other artistic people who are grinding away just like me so I don’t generally pay it too much mind. However I do find inspiration in many of the celebrities I work with: strong women including my best friend and Spice Girl Mel B, the kick a** Angels at Victoria’s Secret, or my favorite comic Chelsea Handler —  they always give me a resurgence of girl power. But you can bet if Brad Pitt walks by I will go all ‘fan girl’ with the best of them!

303: What kind of factors do you take into consideration when putting a mix together for an event?

The first two questions I ask myself are: Who is the mix or event for? Who is my audience listening to it?
For most events I just go in with a huge arsenal of tunes and let the vibe and crowd speak to me in the moment — but I am also hired to do a lot of mixes behind the scenes specifically for brands, and then I try and imagine myself in their world. I ask myself what they are all about, what they are trying to say, who they are trying to say it to, and ultimately, what is their vibe. Then I ask myself who is listening and what do they want to hear. And then I add my taste and my twist on that and create a soundtrack that vibes exactly how I imagine the brand to feel. For example I did a mix for Chelsea Handler recently and I kept asking myself “Would this song make Chelsea dance or roll her eyes?” It can be a fun challenge!

303: Who are your muses at the moment?

Strong women always inspire me: I love a powerful woman like Gwen Stefani, who manages to constantly evolve and stay relevant yet remain true to herself through the years. And she does so with such class — without compromising her sense of self or artistry. She commands attention just by being her and being fabulous!

I am a huge fan of up-and-coming artists like Jhene Aiko, rock band the DumDum Girls and Steven Tyler‘s daughter, Chelsea, in the electro-synth style band KaneHoller. And my artistic friends like The Raveonettes and Mel B never cease to inspire me daily.

303: What is currently your favorite summer jam of 2014?

It’s just too perfect but I love it: “Summer” by Calvin Harris. It doesn’t get much better for summer than this!

303: What three adjectives would you use to describe what your have in mind for your mix at the 303 Magazine Pool Party this weekend?

Fun, Fresh & Fashionable! I love getting down with 303 Magazine and I plan on a high energy, fashion-forward day by the pool catching rays!


Be sure to catch Lindsay Luv live in action this weekend at the 303 Magazine Pool Party. Get your tickets here before it sells out.

  1. Seriously? I’ve been deejaying my entire life and get paid well to rock a crowd. I spend less of my time trying to fake it as a DJ, taking pictures next to cars, and more time actually deejaying. EVERYONE is a club dj. Everyone who was a dj in the mid 2000s was inspired by DJ AM. 303 magazine should show more love to local 303 djs who travel the country and world and less love to ‘celeb djs.’ #imdone

  2. Not trying to throw shade on her ……but her mix is not really mixed at least the first 19 min…..
    Props on all the high end gigs …but you have to eat least mix your songs, just sayin..

  3. DJ Lindsay Luv is one of the HARDEST WORKING DJ’s in the industry…She IS the real deal and certainly does not rely on a mixer nor bs CD ‘s! Jelous much??!!!!

  4. Just saw this, and I looooove Lindsay Luv! She spun at the Mondrian in LA for years where I was a bartender. One of the hottest DJ’s around and was the best! Nothing fake about her..no playlist b/c she sizes up the crowd and spins from there. And trust, Mondrian has a tough Saturday night crowd.

  5. i am an LL fan and I just looked and that mix is from years ago (I could tell from the dated tunes)= you should check out her newer stuff on thefuture.fm to start— also if you read the article she was close friends with DJ AM, not just inspired by him—and you sound pretty bitter (never a good look)- maybe worry about u instead of hating on others success,

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