10294258_669305469772461_8236948536439988792_nWho is ReadyFitGo: Healthy Foods?

ReadyFitGo: Healthy Foods is a “healthy grab n’ go concept serving fresh prepared meals that are fit to fuel everyday lives.” Their goal is to give people more energy, time, convenience and a way to manage weight in a busy world.  According to the website, they are dedicated to educating their customers while providing “healthy chef inspired foods prepared fit to fuel everyday lives which supports our commitment to using fresh, quality, and whole food ingredients. ReadyFitGo menu offers a selection of meals that are made fresh daily and nutritionally balanced for the person on the go.”

They currently have two locations; 8101 E Belleview Ave #W2, Denver, Co 80237 (Tech Center) and 3555 W 38th Ave, Denver, Co 80211 (Highlands).  Owner Johnny Hoang also has two more locations in the works to better serve the Denver market.

Why check out ReadyFitGo: Healthy Foods?

1. Convenience: Eating healthy is not always convenient with today’s busy schedules.  They take this inconvenience totally out of the equation by allowing you to purchase meals individually and even microwave them in the location.

2. Locally Owned : it was started in Denver, CO!

3. Inexpensive: the average meal ranges from $6-$11.

4. Diet trend Friendly:  it has options for all the hottest diet trends in America, including the paleo diet.

What are their food plan options?

Currently ReadyFitGo: Healthy Foods has two options; small (200-350 calories) and medium (350-500 calories).  They can also custom make meals to your specific dietary needs.  The meals are generally low fat, high protein, and moderate carbohydrate balanced to fuel customers that are active.  Each meal is weighed individually to ensure that the labeled micronutrients are 100% accurate.  Owner Johnny Hoang is extremely particular about this since a good portion of his customers have specific diet plans they are trying to stick to to lose weight and gain muscle.

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Being a part of the Colorado fitness scene, I had been hearing great things about ReadyFitGo: Healthy Foods for some time.  I generally do most of my own healthy cooking, but I jumped at the chance to try out some of the excellent selections.  Some of my favorites were:

  • “Get Yo Mac On” – a healthy version of mac & cheese with lean turkey meat and gluten free pasta topped with cheddar cheese
  • “Mai Thai Chicken Curry” – sliced chicken with a pineapple red curry sauce on a bed of converted rice
  • “Yo Mama’s Meatloaf” – turkey meatloaf with a side of green beans

Overall, this experience was amazing.  I just wish these had a location in every major city so I could easily eat healthy even when I am traveling for work.  I would suggest anyone that lives or works in these areas to stop in and grab a quick meal.  They are reasonably priced at around $6-$11 depending on what type and size.