The best start for any artist is a blank canvas, and in the world of beauty, the canvas is your skin. Skincare in Colorado is complex.  With an elevation of 5,280 ft Denver skincare is a beautiful challenge; combining high elevation, arid desert climates and over 300 days of sunshine, your skin could be defeated. Beauty is pain and today we battle the challenges of high altitude skincare.

Every little bit counts - photo

Every little bit counts – photo




1. When in doubt moisturize; again

The best way to help wounds heal is to keep them moisturized. Sun damage is the same idea. When our skin burns or needs healing, reaching for a moisturizing lotion (even that tiny hotel bottle) can do something.

Look for lotions containing Shea butter, glycerin or other hydrators to help your skin repair more effectively. Keeping your skin moisturized helps prevent the signs of aging, fills in fine lines and give your skin a temporary plump effect for a natural glow.

Don’t feel like you have to slather up. Moisturizing in layers is more effective, especially in high altitude climates.




E.L.F. Studio Lip Balm with SPF 15 - Colorado Skincare

E.L.F. Studio Lip Balm with SPF 15 – Colorado Skincare

2. Welcome to the Sunshine State

Colorado is constantly sunny. It’s one of the many reasons I love living here so much. However, all of the glorious rays can be dangerous, UV rays are bad news for your skin. UVA rays are not only harmful but also very powerful. UVA rays can travel through windows of your office, car and home. Even if your weekday routine has you leaving for the office at dawn and returning home at dusk, sun protection is vital to any Colorado skincare regiment.

Don’t forget your lips. Your lips along with your eye area have some of the thinnest skin on the body and need extra protection when basking in Colorado sunshine. Eliminate chapped lips by reaching for tinted lip balms that have at least 15 SPF.


3. Campfire Caution

Colorado summers and campfires are a match made in heaven. Nevertheless, next time you cozy up fireside remember that direct exposure to heat, like your campfire of the space heater in your office during the winter months, can cause redness and a breakdown of collagen in your skin. Placing yourself two to three feet away from direct flames or high heat is damaging over time, so take a step back and bring a blanket on your next backpacking adventure.


Drink more water - Colorado Skincare - photo

Drink more water – Colorado Skincare – photo


4. Water anyone?

Drink more water. While I believe this phrase could stand as our states’ motto, this statement is always true. Drinking water helps to maintain elasticity in your skin. Giving your face increased mobility so when you smile and move in repetition, you are less likely to create permanent wrinkles. Ditching the straw for a regular glass whenever possible is a great option as well. Pursing your lips over time can create wrinkles around your mouth and accentuate existing lines.



5. Brush, don’t scrub

When trying to get off last nights amazing makeup, scrubbing can be a harsh and tedious process. Use a face brush to cleanse skin every other day. Brushes are mush better at removing makeup and less damaging on your skin. They also help to keep skin looking fresh and supple.